99 Million Dollars Transaction in 2.5 Minutes With Litecoin Network


On Thursday, April 19th, between anonymous members of the Litecoin Network, a 700,000 LTC transaction was made (currently $106 million). A major transaction was actively discussed by Reddit users.

It is noteworthy that the confirmation of the transaction took only 2.5 minutes, and the network commission was $0.40.

Users of the forum noted that within the traditional financial system such an operation would take several days at best, and many parties would have to sign the deal; while the commission would be more than impressive.

In addition, participants in the transaction would also face significant difficulties in implementing an international transfer of $99 million, which would take much longer than the domestic one.

“Not sure why Llitecoin community doesn’t advertise the technical benefits more. I always see posts about bitcoin struggling with low confirmations, high transaction costs, but if Litecoin is this useful, tell people!” the user under the username cowsmakemehappy wrote.

Recall, the American payment solution provider Aliant Payment Systems was the first official payment processor for Litecoin.

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