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A $2 Million NFT Drop Changed Artist’ Life

Ben Mauro has worked on many huge entertainment projects throughout his career as a concept designer and art director. He worked on great films as well as video games.

Mauro struggled to find the funds and platform to pursue his projects as a digital artist.

Until NFTs, that is.

NFTs are blockchain digital tokens that can represent ownership in just about anything on the internet. Notably, they’ve become common in the music and digital art world.

Ben Mauro, sold as NFTs, has exploded in both attention and money trading hands in the 2021 year, with February’s trading volume of $342 million topping all 2020 combined.

Ben Mauro has been another one of March’s prominent successors from the excitement around NFT artwork. Notably, his Evolution series dropped via the VIV3 marketplace on the proof-of-stake Flow blockchain. Evolution was published as a digital trading card series, with 21 cards in the first wave. Notably, the entire drop sold out within seven minutes, with over 2,500 people paying a total of $2 m.

Mauro announced that he was uneasy the night before the drop and wasn’t sure if people would show demand for the project. The packs came out and people swiftly snapped them up. Hence, Mauro realized that he would finally have the ability to focus on his artwork. As Mauro told fans in a video shared after the drop, they changed his life forever.

An Artist Sold an NFT-Minted Digital House for 288 Ether

An artist Krista Kim recently sold an NFT-minted digital house for 288 ether, valued at more than $500,000 based on the cryptocurrency’s trading price Wednesday.

According to Kim, many of the NFT art currently available on platforms is a very limited parameter for presenting the art. She added that it’s a digital file, a beautiful drawing or video on the screen. However, she says she intended to look beyond that.

Kim announced that NFTs matched with art have a very strong value proposition as it does appreciate time because it’s a social asset.

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