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Amazon Reveals it Uses Project PI for Defect Checks

On Monday, Amazon announced its utilization of Project PI, which uses gen-artificial intelligence (AI) and computer vision to scan damage or determine faulty products before shipment.

The Project PI (Private Investigator) has a sophisticated computer vision program. It meticulously examines product photos, understands the nature of the items, and conducts a thorough defect check.

If the system detects something, it immediately isolates the item and assesses the defect to determine if similar items have the same issue, aiming to identify the root cause.

Amazon stated that the Project PI operates in numerous North American facilities and will be included in more warehouses in 2024.

A year ago, the e-commerce giant pioneered a proactive system that identifies frequently returned products, preemptively flagging items prone to defects before customers even consider placing an order.

The company says their employees review the things Project PI indicated to decide whether they will be sold at a cheaper cost on Amazon’s Second Chance resell site or donated elsewhere.

Moreover, the American multi-tech firm is also working on adding a multimodal large language model, which probes why users are unsatisfied with the products they receive.

The AI feature reviews customers’ feedback and scans photos from Project PI and other data sources to determine where problems occurred.

Project PI Enhances Amazon’s Sustainability Commitments

According to Amazon, Project PI helps enhance customer satisfaction, elevate quality and precision, and boost a sustainable shipping system, which could reduce item returns.

Kara Hurst, the e-commerce giant’s vice president of Worldwide Sustainability, stated that the company is leveraging AI to meet its sustainable goals with the necessary urgency to address climate change while enhancing the user experience.

Hurst added that technology helps Amazon deliver high-quality items and supports sustainability by preventing defective products from shipping and reducing carbon emissions from returns and packaging.

In addition to Project PI, Amazon is utilizing other AI tools to enhance its environmental sustainability.

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