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American Airlines’ New Feature Makes Travel More Comfortable

According to the latest news, American Airlines (AA) has reported its implementation of new technologies that set the stage for a smoother customer experience. American Airlines is a leading American airline headquartered in Texas. It is the world’s major airline by revenue passenger mile, fleet size, and scheduled passengers carried. Significantly, an electronic wallet, mobile ID and virtual assistant are now ready to make flying with the airline a perfect journey.

Passengers can enter their AAdvantage account in order to see their flight and trip credits calculated in the new electronic wallet feature. Besides that, they can comfortably use their travel credits to book new travel by selecting “flight credit” under payment options.

Travelers whose travel plans faced cancellation enjoy the new device. It automatically returns their miles to the e-wallet when they cancel an eligible AAdvantage award ticket.

Starting October 21, as part of a testing program at Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport, AA clients receive the option to test out the airline’s modern mobile ID technology. ID technology uses a passenger’s mobile device to confirm their identity when they drop their bag with an agent.

Besides that, customers who choose to partake in the trial can enroll through a third-part app. Their flight will issue a digital ID token to their device that can verify their identity at the bag drop.

The American Airline’s partner is TSA. AA is trying to investigate the possible application of this mobile ID verification technology, which could potentially support to decrease cases of physical contact throughout the travel journey.

Besides that, from October 27, the mobile ID trial will also be reached to clients at Reagan Washington National Airport.

American Airlines launched a virtual chat platform in summer 2020

Another essential thing to mention is that American Airlines launched its virtual chart platform in summer 2020. Let’s see how it works. Virtual assistants are instantly available to answer customers’ general travel queries. Additionally, if the conversation calls for more accurate information, customer service representatives are also prepared to help customers in real-time.

The function is easily accessible. It instantly provides information about different travel guidelines. They include information about how to change a flight, and the permitted number of checked bags per traveler.

After its introduction over 425,000 customers felt positive about the modern chat feature. As it allowed them to communicate with both the virtual representative or AA’s live customer care agents.

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