Android 11

Android 11’s new features

The Giant company Google released Android 11 in early September for its Pixel phones, which means that there will be exciting updates. You’ll find some news in the new operating system that makes a big difference in how you’ll use your phone daily. For example, a new Bubbles chat tool that makes it more comfortable to keep messaging from any app. The best thing about the update is a new screen-recording tool. For example, you can help someone troubleshoot an issue or show a video.

Let’s see some of Android 11 features.

The first thing you should do after installing Android 11 is to long-press the power button on your phone. This screen enables you to control options along the top and gives shortcuts to your Google Pay cards and boarding passes. Then below that, you’ll find a fantastic thing –

quick controls for smart home devices. For example, you can see a live stream from your doorbell immediately on this screen without opening the Nest app.

Additionally, instead of waiting on hold, Google is bringing a new feature to Assistant, and it launched with the Pixel 4a 5G and Pixel 5.

Called Hold For Me, Google Assistant’s new tool gives you the ability to do what you want on your screen while making a call, and your phone will alert you when someone finally answers.

Additionally, when you’ve taken off hold, your phone will vibrate and ring, as if you’re getting a call, to keep you informed someone’s waiting to talk to you so you can then continue the call.

You can easily find the alerts you care about most

Once you install Android 11, you’ll see that alerts from all of your messaging apps, like Google Messages, have a dedicated Conversations section in your notification service. This change makes it more comfortable to find the alerts you care about most; however, if you get many messages, even this section can get messy.

We all know that screenshots are a fast and simple way to capture something on your screen; however, there are times when a recording is better suited to the task at hand. For example, if someone wants to show off gaming skills or help someone, it’s a great tool.

After updating Android 11, you can choose whether you want your microphone to record audio, and if you want your touch interactions to be shown in the video.

When you tap the Screen Recording notification again, the video will be saved to your camera roll so you can edit and share recordings.

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