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Apple and Rival Meta to Partner Over AI Integration

On Sunday, reports announced that Apple discussed integrating its generative artificial intelligence on its iPhone’s AI system with Meta Platforms.

The talks followed Apple’s plan to add other AI companies’ technology to its devices. This also came amid reports about its possible collaboration with long-time search partner Google.

Moreover, the iPhone maker is anticipated to talk with other AI companies in different regions, such as China.

According to analysts, Anthropic has been discussing bringing its gen-AI to Apple Intelligence. They added that deals with the company would boost the distribution of AI companies’ products.

On the other hand, the potential financial windfall for this move is unclear. However, the meetings were focused on AI firms selling premium subscriptions through Apple Intelligence.

Experts claimed that its current AI approach is boring and practical instead of using it as an opportunity for wholesale reinvention. Meanwhile, they explained further that using technology practically can be the ideal approach to go beyond the capabilities of its own AI models.

Based on journalists, its deal with Meta can minimize its reliance on a sole partner and provide validation for the firm’s gen-AI.

Also, sources reported that Apple is not paying for the partnerships. However, it is providing distribution to partners who can sell premium subscriptions.

Pro Max Apple Devices to Receive New Features

Apple is updating its latest devices, such as its iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max and iPads with M1 chips and newer. The gadgets are getting a brand-new feature called Apple Intelligence.

According to tech reports, the update aims to improve users’ interactions with technology by integrating machine learning and AI.

In addition, Apple Intelligence promises a more conversational tone from Siri. It includes automated proofreading, text summarization, and faster image generation.

Moreover, the head of Apple’s AI clarified that the super-smart helper is only accessible on the newer models. The features require more power and more robust hardware to run.


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