Apple Dips Despite Reportedly AI Collaboration with Meta

On Sunday, Apple reportedly talked with Meta about integrating the social media giant’s artificial intelligence (AI) model into the iPhone maker’s Apple Intelligence.

The Cupertino-based company declined by -1.04% to $207.49 per stock in closed trading and -0.17% to $207.13 apiece in the pre-market session.

According to reports, Meta and other firms have been working on gen-AI products and hopes to take advantage of Apple’s colossal distribution. In addition, the iPhone maker has disclosed its plans to work with partners like OpenAI to develop more complex AI quests.

Meanwhile, Apple software leader Craig Federeghi said they wanted to begin with the best, adding that ChatGPT represents the better option for their users. He also noted that the firm sought to bring Gemini, Google’s AI model.

Furthermore, the tech giant has held talks with AI startups Anthropic and Perplexity on integrating their gen-AI into Apple Intelligence. However, neither company commented on the matter.

Analysts predict Apple and ChatGPT collaboration could boost OpenAI’s infrastructure by 30.00% to 40.00%.

Additionally, experts noted that between 10.00% and 20.00% of iPhone users are likely to opt for a premium AI subscription to services like OpenAI’s chatbot. This trend could generate billions of dollars for AI firms partnering with Apple Intelligence.

OpenAI, Apple Partnership to Boost Siri and Writing Tools

Apple and OpenAI’s collaboration is created to give the iPhone maker’s digital assistant Siri and its writing features an upgrade through advanced AI capabilities.

According to reports, the Cupertino-based firm may use its AI tech. The company concluded that its users likely want to utilize other AI solutions, such as those it sees as industry-leading, like OpenAI.

Furthermore, the collaborative effort echoes the partnerships becoming increasingly significant for stakeholders in banking, financial technology, and business-to-business industries.

Meanwhile, Apple announced its AI strategy, integrating Apple Intelligence into apps, including Siri, and adding ChatGPT. The company placed a strong emphasis on privacy to differentiate itself from competitors.

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