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Apple Fined for a Third Time over Dutch Dating App Payments

Earlier this week, the Dutch antitrust watchdog fined Apple for the third time for failing to make an action over previous complaints on dating app payments.

The tech giant was fined $5.72 million. It failed to allow Netherland’s software application makers to use non-Apple payment methods for dating apps listed in its App Store.

The Authority is imposing the weekly fine for Consumers and Markets (ACM) since Apple missed the January 15 deadline.

The iPhone maker published information on its website twice regarding the alteration it is making to comply with the regulators.

One of the statements was posted on February 03, stating how developers could implement alternative payment methods.

Yet, the ACM stated that it hadn’t received enough information to assess whether Apple is complying or not.

Meanwhile, the firm asserted that it would still impose a 27.00% commission on in-app purchases that it did not process.

It is below the 30.00% current charge, asserting that this move follows the ACM order.

Recently, the company has been under pressure in several countries over the extra payments it charges on in-app payments.

Due to this, the US Senate began approving a bill last week to bar tech firms from requiring users to use their payment systems.

Peloton Acquisition

Recently, the exercise equipment maker Peloton has become an acquisition target.

It is due to its move in stopping the manufacturing of bikes and treadmills amid low orders.

In 2020, the tech giant took on Peloton by launching Fitness+, which is compatible with the Apple Watch.

Now, analysts believe that Apple acquiring the equipment firm would be a major strategic move.

Also, this could catalyze its health and fitness programs over the upcoming years.

As an offensive purchase, Apple could use its Fitness+ and Apple Watch services to uplift Peloton, bulking up its healthcare initiatives.

Aside from Apple, other big companies are also candidates for acquiring Peloton.

This includes the eCommerce giant Amazon and the apparel entity Nike.

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