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Apple Inc and Tech-related Trends in 2022

This year is undeniably stellar for Apple Inc. The company is now only a few steps away from closing its third trillion, all thanks to its strong performance all across the board.

To name a few, its iPhones are selling fast like pancakes while its subscription department is keeping up with the market leaders.

Now, spectators are wondering whether there is still a room for growth to expect for 2022.

For a disruptive company like Apple, sure there will always be something new to look forward to.

First, the launch of its lowest-cost 5G-powered iPhone yet. Analysts expect to welcome the recalibrated version of the iPhone SE model which will peruse the advantage of fifth generation technology.

Another on traders’ radar is a redesigned MacBook Air which remained an old-school, classic, handheld since late 2020.

The new version is also anticipated to carry a lot of new features from its MacBook Pro counterpart.

Moving on, the next year will also be the time to welcome more gadget-related updates such as a 27-inch iMac pro and a more sleek Mac mini.

Augmented Reality Glasses, Apple Car, and iPhone 14

Meanwhile, the market is most excited about updates on the company’s new technologies and also its biggest money maker.

Augmented reality will be the core focus of 2022, as highlighted by the plans of Facebook’s metaverse.

With this, the Los Altos, California-based entity is jumping on a trend with AR Glasses.

The new product has been in discussion for many years already and is expected to bring a new light on how travel and interaction works.

There is also its not so secret but private thrust in the automobile industry through a smart car.

Lastly, there will be the launch of iPhone 14 which will target upgraders holding iPhone 7, iPhone 8, and iPhone X.

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