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Apple Inc. Delays Employee Return to Office Indefinitely

On Thursday, Apple Inc. announced that it would delay the return of its workers to the office indefinitely. 

In line with this, the iPhone maker provided $1,000.00 to all of its employees to buy their equipment for their home offices.

Accordingly, this move came along with the surge of coronavirus cases. 

At the same time, concerns rose about the rapid spread of the Omicron variant, which is more transmissible than other strains. 

This announcement is now the fourth time the company adjusted its schedule to bring employees back to the office.

Earlier this year, it originally planned to kick start its new hybrid office and home plan in June 2021.

The company asked its workers to come into the physical sites for three out of five days of the week, with the flexibility to work remotely. 

Then, Apple moved again the schedule on February 01, 2022.

However, it needed to be pushed back again to an unspecified time as the emergence of the Omicron took hold around the world.

Meanwhile, Apple employees are vocally disappointed that the business will not transition to a long term work-from-home policy. 

Recently, other highly valued firms like Twitter have adapted the hybrid work setup. 

In the stated case, Apple CEO Tim Cook explained that it will hold trials of the said work model for 2022 and reevaluate it for the long-term.

Similarly, some tech giants, including Google, Lyft, Uber and Amazon, also hold off their reopening dates multiple times.  

At the onset of the pandemic, Google and Facebook also gave their employees $1,000.00 bonuses to support their work from home expenses.

In the premarket session, Apple slightly edged up 0.49% or 0.88 points to $180.18 per share. 

Apple Closes 3 Retail Stores amid COVID Surge

On Wednesday, Apple announced that it would close three retail stores amid the spike of Covid-19 infections.

Correspondingly, its branch in Miami will close today and its stores in Ottawa, Ontario, and Annapolis, Md., on Friday.

Subsequently, the firm said its employees would take Covid-19 tests before reopening. This hints at the extension of the closures beyond Thursday and Friday. 

In the stated case, investors worried about the possible impact of the pandemic on the holiday shopping season.

Earlier this week, Apple returned a mask mandate at all United States outlets.  

Additionally, the tech giant also changed individual store policies according to regional conditions. 

For instance, it emphasizes customer pickups via online purchases instead of in-store shopping.

Last year, Apple closed all of its stores in response to the Covid-19 pandemic.

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