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Apple Intelligence Reportedly Coming to Vision Pro

US tech giant Apple Inc. is reportedly working on incorporating its in-house artificial intelligence (AI) platform, Apple Intelligence, into its Vision Pro headsets.

The report stated that the Cupertino-based company was actively exploring integrating personal AI features into the spatial computing device’s augmented reality (AR) interface.

The news came a few days after Apple Intelligence was introduced. The firm initially said the technology would only be available on the iPhone, iPad, and Mac.

The feature will be launched on the three aforementioned devices around the fall of this year, but its availability on the Vision Pro has yet to be determined.

Apple is also reportedly updating its in-store demos for the headset by adding the “Go Deeper” option, which allows potential users to test office work features and video viewing.

Furthermore, the company has switched Vision Pro’s Solo Loop band to a Dual Loop one to possibly provide the wearers with more comfort.

Apple Attempts to Boost Interest in Vision Pro

While memory and operation are not seen as significant issues for Apple Intelligence on Vision Pro, the report stated that the biggest challenge for the iPhone maker would be ensuring the user interface design appears properly in a mixed-reality environment.

The firm was recently reported to have halted its work on the second generation due to fading interest and weaker sales. Instead, the company plans to develop a new, more affordable version of the spatial computer device, dubbed N109.

The Vision Pro currently retails for $3,500, while the cheaper option is expected to sell for around $1,500, allowing it to reach more customers and rival similar products such as Meta Platforms Inc.’s Meta Quest.

Vision Pro’s less expensive model is expected to be released at the end of 2025, with its specifications yet to be known, but there are some discussions about whether it will utilize a lower-resolution display or maintain its predecessor’s high-resolution display.

The N109 may not also feature all the high-end functions of the current version. Still, Apple reportedly aims to have the more affordable model a third lighter than the first-gen device, to boost its usability.

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