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Apple Is Not Happy with The Amount of Macs’ Malware

According to the latest news, Apple doesn’t find acceptable the amount of harmful software, or malware, on its operating system for Mac computers, macOS.

Craig Federighi, Apple’s head of software, announced that Apple’s ability to install software from the internet on Mac computers is regularly exploited. Federighi also added that the iPhone’s operating system, iOS, has a higher bar for customer protection.

Head of software reported that Apple has a level of malware on the Mac that they don’t find acceptable, and it is much worse than iOS.

The difference between iPhone and Mac security is vital in the trial. Epic Games seeks to force Apple to install alternative app stores. Those are available on Mac computers, not on iPhones.

Epic Games claims that Apple can easily apply Mac software installation policies and security mechanisms to iPhones. Meanwhile, Apple maintains its App Store review process and rules keep users secure.

Apple Aimes to Create Something Far More Secure For iOS


Federighi announced that for iOS, the firm aimed to create something far more secure. He reported that Apple found and removed around 130 different kinds of malware on Macs last year. Those malware has infected hundreds of thousands of users’ systems.

Apple users have long wondered if the firm was thinking of merging its Mac desktops and iPad tablets, which run a version of iOS. Notably, its latest Mac computer uses the same processor as its high-end iPads.

Federighi announced that the company still sees them as separate products. For instance, software developers still use Macs. They do this to install development tools, such as Xcode, and access the computer’s guts, including installing unauthorized software.

A recent report from Nokia cited by Federighi stated that iOS devices accounted for 1.72% of mobile malware infections, compared with 26.64% for Android and 38.92% for Windows.

Federighi reported that Android still has a substantial malware problem, something like 50 times the malware of iOS.

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