Apple Sets Foxconn’s India Plant on Notice

Apple (NASDAQ: AAPL) did not define what probation meant.

When it positioned the southern India plant of another supplier, Wistron Corp, on probation behind the unrest last year, it said it would not grant that company new business until it handled the way workers were treated.

The latest action tracks protests that exploded this month after more than 250 women who work at the Foxconn plant and live in one of the dormitories were treated for food poisoning. More than 150 had to receive medical help, Reuters said.

The plant, found in the town of Sriperumbudur near Chennai and engages nearly 17,000 people, was shut on Dec 18. Apple and Foxconn did not tell when they expected it to reopen.

On Wednesday, a spokesperson for Taiwan’s Foxconn stated that it was restructuring its local management team, taking prompt steps to improve facilities, and added that all employees would resume being paid. At the same time, it makes vital improvements to resume operations.

Supplier to Set Corrective Actions

Apple stated it had found that some of the dormitory accommodations and dining rooms, which were not on the factory’s assumptions, did not meet its conditions and that it was working with the supplier to provide a comprehensive set of corrective actions, counting that it will provide its stringent standards are completed before the facility reopens.

A senior government official acquainted with the matter said Foxconn has been responding to queries from the state government on amenities delivered to workers. 

Earlier this week, Reuters reported that Foxconn as well as 11 of its contractors, including those who deliver food and living facilities, had a meeting with the state government and that officials had requested Foxconn to review services provided to the workers, covering power backup at the hostels, food, and water.

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