Apple to Allow Rival App Stores on iOS 17 in the EU

In 2023, Apple is expected to allow third-party App Stores on its iPads and iPhones in the European Union-governed regions.

Under the update, users can install apps directly from the web or through a third party.

Moreover, Apple is also considering whether to allow other browser engines.

However, the iPhone maker has yet to decide if it will allow other payment methods.

The reason for this hesitation is that such a move would affect the tech giant’s revenue.

In particular, it will reduce the California-based firm’s earnings in its 30.00% commission fee.

According to an analyst, the App Store recorded about $10.00 billion worth of transactions last year, 70.00% of which went to developers.

Consequently, another expert predicts that the competitors of Apple will affect around 0.20% of its total sales.

Likewise, other companies with App Stores, such as Microsoft, Meta, and Amazon, might see an increase in their earnings due to this decision.

The reason for these changes is the new competition policy that has strict measures against unfair practices such as gatekeeping.

In mid-2024, the EU will enforce this new law called the Digital Markets Act.

Meanwhile, the policy of Apple in the US will likely stay the same.

Freeform for Apple’s iPhone, iPad, and Mac

On Tuesday, Apple launched a new app called Freeform in the latest versions of iPadOS, iOS, and macOS.

The application is a collaboration tool that allows users to organize and layout content in an infinite canvas.

Moreover, it can support a wide range of files and offers a variety of features, such as color options and brush styles.

Furthermore, users can use iPhone and iPad cameras to scan a document and insert it directly into the board.

In addition, Freeform has a built-in FaceTime, allowing for a real-time collaboration call.

According to Apple, the app will be available for iOS 16.2, macOS Ventura 13.1, and iPadOS 16.2.

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