Apple to Release GenAI Update for Its Xcode Coding Assistant

On Thursday, insiders reported that Apple is close to completing a slate of generative AI (GenAI) features for the Xcode coding assistant.

The new capabilities will mirror Microsoft’s GitHub Copilot, which utilizes OpenAI technology to make real-time suggestions in a code editor. Microsoft released its Copilot artificial intelligence (AI) suite in November 2023 to help developers code faster.

Industry experts reported that the upgrade will allow Xcode to streamline the coding process by predicting and completing code blocks. Moreover, Apple is exploring using GenAI to generate code for app testing, one of the most tedious areas of app development.

Sources claimed that the tech giant had assigned engineers to test the features in-house in preparation for a broader release. They added that they can’t provide a specific release date but can guarantee the update will launch early this year.

Apple is rushing the rollout amid growing concern that it trails competitors like OpenAI, Google, and Microsoft in GenAI development. In addition, Samsung, its major rival in the smartphone market, released the AI-powered Galaxy S24 series in mid-January.

Galaxy S24 smartphones have a speech-to-text live translator and an AI-powered speech-to-speech interpreter, breaking the language barrier during calls. Analysts said the two features may shake the iPhone’s appeal in the corporate sector, especially for users with international dealings.

Xcode to Lead Roll Out of GenAI Upgrades for Apple

Early this month, Apple CEO Tim Cook said several AI products will be released this year, hinting that more will follow the Xcode update. However, Cook could not provide a list of upcoming features or a release timeline.

Insiders alleged the Cupertino-headquartered firm plans to integrate AI features into the next major software update for its mobile devices. It will collectively deploy all AI features, capabilities, and updates for the iPhone and iPad under the name Crystal.

Likewise, the company will launch a set of AI-powered features for the MacOS, a project known internally as Glow. Furthermore, it is working on a feature allowing Apple Music to generate playlists and slideshows automatically.

Lastly, the tech giant aims to launch Spotlight, its AI-powered search feature, alongside the Xcode update.

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