Apple to Reportedly Secure Observer Seat in OpenAI’s Board

US tech giant Apple Inc. is reportedly set to secure an observer seat on the board of major artificial intelligence (AI) developer OpenAI Inc. as part of its AI partnership with the company.

Sources with knowledge of the matter said the Cupertino-based firm has selected App Store chief and ex-marketing head Phil Schiller to take on the observer role in the ChatGPT maker’s board, allowing him to participate in board meetings but without the right to a vote or of a full-fledged director.

The move mirrors Microsoft Corp.’s in 2023, when the AI startup’s largest backer joined its board in a non-voting observer position.

The board arrangement will take effect later this year, according to the sources, although Schiller allegedly has yet to attend any board meetings. New information regarding the situation might still be presented.

Spokespersons for Apple and OpenAI have declined to comment on the matter.

Apple Pushes AI Efforts Further with OpenAI Access

While an observer role lacks the power to vote or act as a director, Apple being a member of the AI giant’s board grants it access to insights into its inner workings and decision-making process while it works on integrating ChatGPT into iOS and macOS.

In June, the smartphone maker teamed up with OpenAI to add the popular chatbot to Siri to possibly create a more enhanced version of its digital voice assistant for iPhone, iPad, and Mac devices.

Earlier reports stated that the US tech company would not pay to use the chatbot. Still, OpenAI’s reach is expected to expand further with the collaboration as it gains access to hundreds of millions of potential users.

The deal may also see Apple acquiring a percentage of the ChatGPT user subscriptions on its platforms.

The chatbot’s integration represents a piece of Apple’s overall AI plan, which also involves a set of in-house AI features known as ‘Apple Intelligence,’ due for launch this fall.

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