Apple to Start Selling Pricey Headsets

On Monday, Apple revealed an expensive new headset called the Vision Pro, a risky bet to enter a market dominated by Meta.

The new gadget will start at $3,499.00, over three times the cost of the priciest headset from Meta’s devices.

Moreover, the Vision Pro made by Apple will test a market full of devices that still need to gain consumer traction. After long-term clashes between tech companies over issues like privacy and control, they will compete with Meta.

Furthermore, the Cupertino giant underlines the freshness of the headset’s augmented reality features. According to them, the gadget will utilize a new chip called R1. As a result, it can process information from its sensors quickly.

However, the announcements did not impress Wall Street, which had a high bid on Apple shares before the launch.

According to David Rolfe, wealthy and early-adopting techies will purchase the Vision Pro in droves. However, he added that there is still no mass market for the headset but praised its technological features.

Rolfe said that the new Apple product reminded him of the early times of the personal computer revolution.

In addition, the headset users can select content in the goggles using their eyes and tapping their fingers together. Also, they can use its new three-dimensional camera and microphone system to capture videos and pictures.

MacBook Air with 15-inch Display Unveiled by Apple

On Monday, Apple improved its desktop and laptop lineup with its processor chips and its first mixed-reality headset.

The iPhone maker announced a 15-inch MacBook Air with the company’s M2 processor chip. It will start at $1,299.00 and can be bought the following week. On the other hand, the 13-inch MacBook Air would go down to $1,099.00.

Its features include a high-resolution 15.3-inch Liquid Retina display. This characteristic makes the content look better, rich, and more vibrant. The resolution is 25.00% brighter than a comparable PC laptop.

Also, Apple introduced an updated version of the Mac Pro, its highest-performing desktop. It uses an M2 Ultra chip with a $6,999.00 starting price tag. Essentially, the chip comprises the firm’s largest M2 chips bonded together.

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