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Asia-Pacific Stocks Mixed; Chinese Trade Data in Focus

On Monday, Asia-Pacific stocks struggled for direction as investors reacted to the Chinese trade data released last Saturday. 

Accordingly, China’s exports surged to 27.10% from a year ago in October, surpassing the market estimate of 24.10%. 

Consequently, its imports posted at 20.60%, lower than the projected 25.00%. 

Overall, the trade balance stood at $84.54 billion, significantly higher than the expected $65.55 billion.

Correspondingly, South Korea’s KOSPI led the losses in Asia-Pacific stocks as it declined 0.99% or 29.47 points to $2,939.80 per share. 

Its worst performer, Hankook Steel Co., sank 24.76% or 1.72 points to $5.23 per share.

Also, Hong Kong’s Hang Seng index plummeted 0.57% or 141.88 points to $24,728.63 per share. 

Subsequently, pharmaceutical company WuXi Biologics slumped 8.29% or 1.09 points to $12.00 per share. 

Conversely, Chinese shares posted gains, opposing the move of other Asia-Pacific stocks. 

Its benchmark Shanghai Composite edged up 0.09% to 3.47 points or $3,495.04 per share. 

Then, Anhui Quanchai Engine Co. climbed to the top of the index as it advanced 10.03% or 0.20 points to $2.19 per share. 

Similarly, the Shenzhen Component index improved 0.03% or 4.90 points to $14,467.52 per share. 

Its best performer, Eve Energy Co., a storage battery manufacturer, rocketed 13.67% or 2.42 points to $20.16 per share. 

Following the climb, Taiwan’s TAIEX increased 0.35% or 57.51 points to $17,357.84 per share.

Likewise, Singapore’s Straits Times index elevated 0.45% or 14.67 points to $3,257.01 per share. 

In India, the BSE SENSEX index lost 0.31% or 184.16 points to $59,882.88 per share. 

Japanese Stocks Fell as Asia-Pacific Stocks Mixed

Moreover, Japan’s Nikkei 225 index weakened 0.30% or 88.60 points to $29,522.97 per share. 

Consequently, JFE Holdings, which is mainly engaged in planning business strategies, dipped 11.59% or 1.73 points to $13.16 per share. 

Also, GS Yuasa Corp., an electrical equipment manufacturer, slashed 8.54% or 1.87 points to $20.00 per share. 

Correspondingly, the TOPIX index shed 0.27% or 5.51 points to $2,035.91 per share.

Then, mental healthcare business Advantage Risk Management Co. tumbled 9.31% or 0.77 points to $7.46 per share. 

Elsewhere, Australia’s S&P/ASX200 index curtailed 0.06% or 4.70 points to $7,452.20 per share. 

Furthermore, MSCI’s broadest index of Asia-Pacific stocks outside Japan slightly increased 0.02% or 0.12 points to $645.50 per share. 

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