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Forex & CFD

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2 Riverside Quay Street Melbourne, Southbank VIC 3006 Australia

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+61-894-683564, +44-2033-183-298




Chat – Monday to Friday from 07:00-14:00 GMT, Phone – Monday to Friday from 09:00 – 13:00 GMT 


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Trading platform Time zone:

GMT +10

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Web-based trading:




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Minimum deposit ($):

250 EUR 

Maximal leverage:




Scalping allowed:


General Information

AussieTrust Review, AussieTrust Review

AussieTrust is a broker that started operating only recently, opening its doors in 2019. As the name suggests, their goal is primarily to conquer the Australian market.

The broker operates from Australia. Their precise address is 2 Riverside Quay Street, Melbourne, Southbank VIC.

Right away, you’ll notice that AussieTrust’s website looks very modern, and has the functionality to match. All the crucial info is apparent as soon as you enter the site, and more details are never more than a few clicks away.

For example, the trading platform button leads straight to a demo, and other info is sorted neatly into tabs. New brokers often make getting around their service convoluted (sometimes even intentionally, to hide info), so AussieTrust’s website is a breath of fresh air.

However, even if a broker’s website is difficult to navigate, you can figure it out eventually. As such, experienced traders will pay more attention to the quality of the service than intuitiveness. We’re glad to say, AussieTrust ranks highly on both, and here are some of the broker’s biggest draws:

AussieTrust Review, AussieTrust Review


Unlike many other custom platforms brokers tend to create, AussieTrust’s actually looks and feels like it could compete with more common software like MT4. Even if you’ve never traded before, you could open up the platform and get a pretty good feel of what you can do. On top of that, similar to the website, it looks great and functions smoothly. While the platform might not be a deciding factor for some brokers, using a good one can definitely save you a lot of frustration long-term.


Even if you’re an experienced trader, chances are you have room for improvement in one area or another. After all, nobody is perfect, and everyone, including the most successful, makes a wrong prediction from time to time. AussieTrust has set up such an extensive knowledge base that beginners will find improvement a breeze, and veterans will surely find at least something that they didn’t know.


Everybody knows the correct use of leverage can provide a significant advantage while trading. However, few like to admit that higher levels of leverage can often lead to them getting carried away. For most traders, that makes it so the best leverage isn’t the highest one, but rather one that’s moderate. At AussieTrust, you get a rate of 1:400, which is enough to help, but not enough for traders to get ahead of themselves.

Funds Trading and Security

AussieTrust Review, AussieTrust Review

The security of your funds at AussieTrust shouldn’t be a concern, as their safety protocols are entirely fair, especially for a new broker. We’ve searched across the web to find any signs of malicious intent, and the search came up short. On top of that, the transparency of information is a great sign of safety, as scam brokers often try to hide info about their practices, then pass the blame onto their customers for not reading it.

So, while you’re never guaranteed complete safety when trading online, there’s nothing to indicate AussieTrust is out to get you. And as time progresses and the broker builds a more significant, we’re sure their safety rating will improve even further.

Trading Accounts

AussieTrust doesn’t provide a traditional demo account, but you can still access most of the features that account type would give you. With the click of just one button, you can find yourself on the trading platform interface, and from there, you can inspect all the looks and functions. By making that option available, AussieTrust has eliminated the need for a separate demo account type.

Once you move on to the live accounts, you’ll notice four types, Silver, Gold, Platinum, and VIP. The cheapest will set you back the standard $250, while the others can seem a bit pricy at first. However, you don’t need to stress about that, as even the Silver account provides a great experience. You can easily wait until both your finances and skills make the transition to the next account type comfortable and then go for the upgrade. Also, just using AussieTrust’s services regularly can lead to a natural progression to the next tier.

We believe that AussieTrust’s account typing struck a great balance between budget traders and high-spenders. More conservative investors can still get great service while not missing out on too much, while those willing to spend more get the expected level of luxury.

AussieTrust Review, AussieTrust Review


  • Minimum deposit €250+
  • Dedicated senior account manager: No
  • Bonus funds: No
  • Lucrative spreads: No
  • Trading signals: No
  • Maximum leverage: 1:100
  • Trade Room analysis: No


  • Minimum deposit €10000+
  • Dedicated senior account manager: Yes
  • Bonus funds: Yes
  • Lucrative spreads: Gold Spreads
  • Trading signals: No
  • Maximum leverage: 1:200
  • Trade Room analysis: Tier 3


  • Minimum deposit: €50000+
  • Dedicated senior account manager: Yes
  • Bonus funds: Yes
  • Lucrative spreads: Platinum Spreads
  • Trading signals: Yes
  • Maximum leverage: 1:300
  • Trade Room analysis: Tier 2


  • Minimum deposit: Invite only
  • Dedicated senior account manager: Yes
  • Bonus funds: Yes
  • Lucrative spreads: VIP Spreads
  • Trading signals: Yes
  • Maximum leverage: 1:400
  • Trade Room analysis: Complete Access

Trading Conditions

AussieTrust Review, AussieTrust Review

Even at the lowest investment levels, AussieTrust provides a great set of trading conditions, with competitive spreads and leverage. However, if you progress through the ranks and manage to reach VIP, the things you get entirely surpass most of the competition.

There’s a complete set of analytical tools, which, when paired with the educational tools on the website, present an easy gateway into trading. Even past the beginner levels, they can act as a consultant of sorts.

Past that, the trades are safe, and the website is encrypted, protecting your data transmissions from being intercepted. Also, there’s great variety when it comes to assets, as well as deposit/withdrawal methods.  AussieTrust’s support team works diligently, so any irregularities can be solved quickly.

AussieTrust, even as a fresh broker, surpasses what many older institutions have done. In the future, we expect even more growth and are eager to see how the broker moves forward.

Trading Platform

AussieTrust Review, AussieTrust Review

As we’ve already mentioned, AussieTrust uses a custom platform they’ve developed. Some traders roll their eyes at the mere mention of the use of proprietary software, but we assure you there’s no need for that. The software AussieTrust uses is both intuitive and functional enough to rival standard options such as various iterations of MetaTrader.

A bar on the left contains all your personal information, as well as options to modify it. Partnered with that are the settings and the positions you’ve committed to. Assets are placed next to the bar and split into categories for better organization. The asset you’ve selected, as usual, takes up the biggest section of the screen, with info about its movement history.

A picture is worth a thousand words, as they say, so simply opening the platform up will do much more for you than an extensive explanation. The good news is that the process of accessing the platform takes only one click on AussieTrust’s homepage. From there, you’ll get a solid feel on how the platform looks and handles.


The entire selection of AussieTrust’s assets comes in at over 250 products. Especially for a broker that’s started operating recently, that number is impressive. It beats out numerous competitors that have been around for years by a significant margin. All the assets the broker provides are split into the following categories:

  • Fifty currency pairs
  • Commodities
  • Digital currency/currency pairs
  • Stocks and indices

Customer Service

AussieTrust’s customer service has a specific work time. Namely, the chat works Monday to Friday from 07:00-14:00 GMT, and the phone lines operate Monday to Friday from 09:00 – 13:00 GMT. You can shoot them an email whenever, though, just remember to be patient with the response.

Australian phone number: +61-894-683564
Email: [email protected]

AussieTrust Review, AussieTrust Review


AussieTrust is still a fresh broker, and due to that, has a few mistakes they haven’t fixed yet. However, no service is perfect, and in the short time they’ve been around, the team at AussieTrust has achieved great things. Already, they’re able to provide a service to rival industry giants, and they don’t seem to be slowing down.

In the future, we’re certain we’ll see rapid improvements at AussieTrust. But even now, the good significantly outweighs the limited number of negatives of using the service. 



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AussieTrust Review, AussieTrust Review

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AussieTrust Review
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