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Axi Expands Manchester City FC, Adds Women’s Team

Australia-based FX/CFDs broker, Axi (formerly known as AxiTrader) recently extended its partnership with the renowned English football club Manchester City FC. Interestingly, it has also broadened its sponsorship rights to include Manchester City’s women’s team!

In September 2020, Axi joined forces with Manchester City FC in a multi-year agreement just as the broker started its rebranding journey. Although Axi hasn’t unveiled how long this partnership will last, we can all agree that it will benefit both parties.

City Football Group and Axi have developed a fantastic partnership for three years. With both businesses eager for success and having an equally ambitious outlook, extending our alliance with no hesitation made perfect sense.

A Successful Sports-Sponsorship Deal

Manchester City FC is a notable football club that excels in England and across Europe, having recently earned back-to-back English Premier League wins for the 2020-2021 and 2021-2022 play seasons and taking home a victorious League & League Cup double in 2020-2021. Owned by Abu Dhabi United Group, this team is known to possess some of the greatest players worldwide!

The broker’s initial agreement allowed them to feature their brand at Etihad Stadium, Manchester City’s home turf, and gain visibility through the club’s digital channels. This marketing opportunity put Axi in front of a large sports audience with a global reach, boasting over 53,400 fans within its stadium capacity.

The English club enjoys a tremendous social media following, with more than 40.7 million followers on Instagram, 45.7 million fans on Facebook, and 15.6 million accounts tracking its official Twitter account! Talk about reaching the masses!

Louis Cooper, the Chief Commercial Officer at Axi, declared that their commercial relationship with Manchester City has been overflowing with success. Our brand’s global scale and fanbase have significantly heightened our market presence. The extension of our original deal to include Manchester City Women’s Football Club proves how profitable it has become over the past few years.

Rise of Women’s Sports Sponsorship

Women’s football is on the rise and becoming increasingly popular. In England, 3.4 million women and girls were playing by 2020; moreover, FIFA expects this number to reach 60 million players across the globe within six years! Many financial service companies are now inking deals with women’s sports teams worldwide to show their support for female athletes.

Cooper noted that women’s football had seen impressive popularity worldwide in recent years, and female involvement with financial markets has also greatly increased.

The new venture offers an opportunity to bolster the women’s side of gaming and further strengthen Axi’s connection with female traders and investors — a key demographic for our global expansion. As more women take charge of their finances, Axi must remain relevant as a brand to these powerful female investors across the globe.

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