AXI Taps FYNXT to Create MAM/PAMM Accounts

AXI, a leading FX and CFD broker, announced its collaboration with FYNXT, a Singapore-based fintech (formerly; Simple2Trade), to expand its service via the Forex Managed Accounts Services (MAM/PAMM) platform.

Additionally, the broker emphasizes improved administration automation, cost management flexibility, and precision in asset allocation for the recently added services.

Louis Cooper has seen the problems with existing MAM and PAMM solutions; as the financial and fund management industry matured, technological advances have been incremental and piecemeal.


Cloud Tech Infra Is Dominating


The broker’s new services are based on FYNXT’s cloud-based technology infrastructure.

“The sector is huge, fast-paced, and to be successful, you must understand the specifics and nuances of your market. Once we’d mastered this, our friends at FYNXT in Singapore would allow us to provide our customers with the trading edge by providing us with killer technology.”

FYNXT provides vertically integrated digital platforms in both licensed formats and SaaS. In addition, it claims to deliver the benefits of low-cost services and simplicity of use. Moreover, it will have almost infinite scalability, and a reduced time to market.

“We want to do anything we can to help our clients better serve their customers,” Aeby Samuel, the CEO of FYNXT Singapore, explained. He added that they were optimistic with the Social Fund Management product if the initial response from early clients is something to go by.

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