Being careful with picking stocks

Being careful with picking stocks

The stock market is famous for allowing people to achieve great financial wealth. However, if you do decide to trade stocks, you should be careful. The people who find this kind of success are few and far between. It would be much wiser to aim for solid reliable financial success, which the stock market is good for. Wealth is not a realistic or attainable goal in most cases.


There are over 1800 billionaires in the world today, according to Forbes. They are all from diverse backgrounds and have diverse stories. They did not get there by following an old beaten path. Instead, they had to be creative and come up with new ways to find true success. They did not get there by following everyone else, going into regular old trading stocks. Neither will you. Those that did become successful through trading stocks were very creative and found success in unorthodox methods.

Warren Buffet on stocks

Warren Buffet is the wealthiest investor we have today. He bought his first stocks at a very young age, eleven, in fact. He then trained under one of the most famous investors of the time, Benjamin Graham. Buffet operated multiple partnerships over his lifetime, often several all at once. He also often made sure to get intimately acquainted with a business. For example, before investing in Geico, his greatest success, he made sure to take a train down to their office himself and talk to them. In this way, he was able to find out just how their business worked. He further goes on around the country, performing valuations world over. As of today, Buffet is worth over 70 billion USD. As you can see though, he took an interest in stocks at a very young age and had some extraordinarily wise guidance and dedication. Hardly anyone has these sorts of advantages.


As you can see, success in the stock market is certainly possible. However, it takes extraordinary circumstances for someone to achieve extraordinary success. You would be better off treating it as a way to make a reasonable, steady income.

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