Bitcoin Core developer launched a list of cases of violence against crypto owners

bitcoin core developer

Bitcoin Core developer Jameson Lopp launched an open source repository, which collected documented cases of physical violence against bitcoin owners.

The list was a summarum from both criminal elements and law enforcement agencies.

The resource is available on the GitHub and currently holds 28 different incidents that occurred since December 2014, when a police special forces broke into the house of Hal Finney in Santa Barbara.

Also included in the list were incidents that occurred around the world, including cases of extortion of cryptocurrency under the threat of death, theft from bitcoin-ATMs and theft of equipment for mining.

As noted by Jameson Lopp, whose home in North Carolina last October was nearly stormed by US special forces, 23 of the listed incidents were associated with physical violence, with 10 of them occurring in the last six months. And only in one case, a victim of criminals could successfully defend themselves – the LocalBitcoins trader Ryan Rice from Miami, who was tried to rob during the sale of bitcoins.

The last documented case of a robbery attempt was recorded on July 6th in Northborough, Massachusetts, when armed robbers entered the house of another LocalBitcoins trader Austin Nedved. Under the threat of physical violence, he was forced to pay with cash but managed to convince the robbers that at the moment he does not have bitcoins.