Bitcoin-ETF could be approved by the SEC until next year


Bill Barhydt, said that the SEC had not yet approved the bitcoin-ETF because the initiators of the launch of these funds “do not meet the expectations”.

“I think the problem with the SEC is that the applicants do not fit into the familiar image of the Commission. I previously worked for Goldman Sachs, but you are unlikely to understand this in my clothes. So I would not be able to go in the same clothes to meet with the SEC and announce the desire to launch bitcoin-ETF, “Barhydt said.

According to Barhydt, the applicant must “look, smell and behave” as the SEC wants to approve the application. He also believes that the application for the launch of ETF from a reputable financial company will be approved rather than from a start-up.

He also expressed confidence that the first publicly traded cryptocurrency fund will appear next year.

“This will happen next year, I’m ready to even argue,” Bill Barhydt said, noting that too many in the crypto community are waiting for the launch of bitcoin-ETF.