introduced the EOS – Dawn 4.0 software


The developers of startup presented a new version of the EOS – Dawn 4.0 blocking software, focused on Proof-Of-Concept for block interoperability.

Allegedly, 43 authors made changes to the repository on GitHub, where the project entered the top eight most active on the basis of the C ++ programming language.

The largest innovation of this version is the change in the definition of the current time from the time of the lead block to the time of the current block, which solves the problem of operations in the context of missing blocks and allows you to more accurately measure elapsed time in the framework of smart contracts.

The developers used the Bancor algorithm in the EOS system contract to transition to market mechanisms for distributing the database between tokens, in order to avoid potential shortages in the future. are convinced, that developers of decentralized applications on EOS block will prefer an approach that involves parallel circuits (so-called parallelism) with multithreaded transaction execution, which will relieve the main circuit and optimize its operation.

In the version of Dawn 4.0, the developers also updated the algorithm of the last irreversible block within the delegated Proof-Of-Stake, in order to ensure the completion of transactions in the conditions of interaction from different chains.

It is worth emphasizing that new support for validation of only block headers for light clients and interoperability protocol, has been added to the new software.

This is certainly a good thing, not just for EOS, but for the rest of the crypto market and for the rest of the cryptocurrencies as well, since upgrades like these will stimulate the competition and push them to evolve, upgrade their technologies, which will simultaneously make a positive reflection and send bullish vibration on the market, stimulating it to grow.