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Introduction to Brokeragea broker review


Brokeragea leverage

General Information

BROKERAGEA is a new brokerage trying to break through into the ranks of top online brokers. It offers trading and investing services on a wide variety of assets, including forex and CFDs. Its selection covers all of the major trading product types, so it has already established itself as a versatile brokerage. New brokers are always exciting to look at, as more competition in the finance sphere means customer experience improvement. Our BROKERAGEA review will help you determine whether what the company offers suits you.

As we said earlier, BROKERAGEA is a versatile brokerage that welcomes all sorts of different traders and investors. It’s worth noting that it’s slightly more geared towards intermediate and higher investors. That’s because of its $1,000 deposit minimum for all new accounts. However, if that’s not an issue for you, there are features that aid beginners inside the service. As such, seems to aim to be a universal company that would attract traders of all kinds.

Naturally, that requires quite a bit of effort. However, as you’ll see from our BROKERAGEA broker review, the company seems to have pulled it off. Before we continue, let’s look at some of BROKERAGEA’s more appealing features:

Brokeragea instruments
  • Free Education and Analysis

We already said BROKERAGEA leans on the side of more serious traders. That means its service needs to include the analytical features such customers utilize to improve their trading. Naturally, the firm offers them for free regardless of account type, improving your overall chances. Furthermore, to aid the beginners and learners that have signed up for BROKERAGEA, it also provides educational features. That lets newer customers improve quickly and become self-sufficient traders without too much effort.

  • 1,200+ Assets

Another significant advantage BROKERAGEA has over many of its competitors is the sheer volume of assets it has. The tally comes in at over 1,200, which has broad implications as far as trading and investing go. It makes diversification simpler, and it also means you can choose from a better pool of assets. Another significant advantage of a broad asset library is that you minimize the chance of missing out on solid opportunities. It’s very frustrating to miss a hot asset because your broker doesn’t have it, and preventing that is significant.

Funds Trading and Security

Empoweved investing

Safety is one of the crucial aspects of any brokerage and something customers should definitely prioritize. Unsafe brokers can cause a ton of harm, ranging from stealing your money to stealing your personal data. The situation is even more dire as there are tons of scam brokers online currently. The influx of new traders and investors makes for easy prey, and these fraudulent companies want to capitalize. It’s not all doom and gloom, though, since you can spot these companies if you’re careful.

We’re glad to say that BROKERAGEA shows no signs of being one of the harmful online brokers. In our review, we scoured their website and service for any of the usual warning signs. The company doesn’t hide data or charges from its customers, and its legal documents don’t have malicious clauses. Furthermore, it uses encryption and authenticators to protect its customers’ accounts from outside threats. All that results in quite a solid security setup.

Users seem to agree as opinions of BROKERAGEA online seem to be positive overall. Naturally, there are still a few improvements it could make, but for a new company, its security is remarkable.

The Trading Accounts

To be a truly versatile brokerage, you need an account setup that fits multiple trader types. As we said earlier in our BROKRAGEA review, the company aims to have a wide reach. As such, it set up its accounts in the usual way, where there are multiple tiers that are direct upgrades over one another. That means all accounts have the same essential functions, but higher-deposit types have some improvements in trading conditions. Some might not enjoy this setup because they prefer specialized accounts, but it’s standard for a reason.

The setup allows the broker to improve its service as a whole rather than single out account types. Furthermore, it takes out some of the worries of choosing the correct account for yourself. Lastly, it’s an effective way to bridge the gap between users on a stricter and looser budget. The former still get a competitive trading experience while the latter get luxury and improvements. Here are some of the account properties at

Trading Accounts

• Starter

  • Min. Deposit $1,000
  • 0.01 Min. Lot Size
  • Islamic Account
  • Mobile Trading
  • 24h Dedicated Support
  • Account Manager

• Classic

  • Min. Deposit $2,500
  • 0.01 Min. Lot Size
  • Islamic Account
  • Mobile Trading
  • 24h Dedicated Support
  • Account Manager

• Intermediate

  • Min. Deposit $5,000
  • 0.01 Min. Lot Size
  • Islamic Account
  • Mobile Trading
  • Technical Indicators
  • Economic News

• Advanced

  • Min. Deposit $10,000
  • 0.01 Min. Lot Size
  • Technical Indicators
  • Economic News
  • Technical Analysis
  • Fixed Pricing

• Ultimate

  • Min. Deposit $50,000
  • 0.01 Min. Lot Size
  • EU Private Bank Account
  • Technical Indicators
  • Economic News
  • Technical Analysis
  • Fixed Pricing

• VIP Policy

  • Min. Deposit $100,000
  • Personal Banker
  • EU Private Bank Account
  • Technical Indicators
  • Economic News
  • Technical Analysis
  • Fixed Pricing

Trading Conditions

The trading conditions are a central part of any broker’s service. The other features can be great but they’re useless if the trading itself is bad. Luckily, BROKERAGEA has a competitive set of trading conditions, with the features to back it up. The margin requirements are low and the leverage is solid at 1:400. Furthermore, the pricing is excellent with an absence of hidden charges or fees and tight spreads overall.

The funding is also commendable, with a multitude of options that process quickly. The trading and analytical features we mentioned earlier in our review also help the firm.

Trading Platform


BROKERAGEA uses a proprietary trading platform that’s available through all major platforms with downloadable, web, and mobile clients. Custom platforms might not be traders’ favorites, but they’re often entirely serviceable. In our test of BROKERAGEA’s platform, we found nothing wrong with it, and it looked like a potent trading tool. Naturally, we’d like to see a demo account in the future so users could test the platform out. However, that’s not a huge deal as the broker has shown to be competent all around so far.

BROKERAGEA’s Trading Products

We already praised the firm’s asset library earlier in our BROKERAGEA broker review. However, it’s always good to reiterate such things and explain why exactly they’re meaningful. A broader library helps both traders and investors that go for standard and risky assets. For the former, it minimizes the chance of their favorite trading instruments being absent. For the latter, it introduces more options and lets them choose from a broader pool of assets.

Here’s a list of the trading product classes’s 1,200+ assets are spread across:

  • Currencies
  • Commodities and Energies
  • Valued Metals
  • Shares and Stock Indices

Customer Service

BROKERAGEA’s support team follows the standard broker structure. Its operatives work 24/5, fitting different trading timezones, and you can reach them via phone, email, or live chat. The representatives speak multiple languages and were quite efficient and kind with our test questions.

Phone: +18008280295
Email: [email protected]



BROKERAGEA has numerous advantages over other new brokerages and is definitely of a higher quality than most. We believe we’re looking at a company that’s a serious contender in the online brokerage industry. With some improvements, it might join the top dogs of the industry, as it appears the company has a clear plan. It’s always great to see a new broker that seems to be in good hands rather than a scam.

While there are still improvements BROKERAGEA could make, it provides an entirely competitive experience as-is. That has earned it a positive grade for our BROKERAGEA review. If you’re a trader looking for a new trading hub, BROKERAGEA might suit your needs.


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