Bitcoin ATM Crime

Burglars damaged the shop in front of Deli

As reported by the Vernon Morning Star on Thursday, October 7, the shop front of L&D Meats and Deli in Kelowna, British Columbia, was damaged when two suspects backed their white GMC Sierra pickup truck into it as they were trying to escape. That happened after thieves failed to steal a Bitcoin ATM.

Solana Pare, a spokesperson for Kelowna Royal Canadian Mounted Police, reported that nothing had been stolen despite thousands of dollars in damages. Moreover, nothing is taken from inside the store as the burglars failed in taking the Bitcoin ATM.

Fortunately, the attempt was useless. However, the question is, what did the thieves want. Were they expecting to lift the BTCs inside the machine or if they needed the money?

Police announced the pair, who are currently on the run, had been trying to rob a bitcoin telling machine early Wednesday morning from a business next door to the Deli.

Criminals had been helpless to remove the ATM

The store’s assistant, Mike’s Produce, said the criminals had been helpless to remove the ATM, located on the interior back wall.

Don Favell, the Deli’s owner, reported that Thanksgiving is nearing, and his clients are expecting to get pre-ordered meat before the holiday.

Besides, Deli’s owner reported that the good news is that his insurance will cover the losses and try to get the business up and running again. Additionally, he informed local media that clients would get their meat, and that’s all they can do. Look after everybody.

Another crucial thing to mention is that BTC ATM robbery does not attract the most sophisticated criminals. In November, two criminals sneak into a British Colombia store to crack open a Bitcoin ATM located inside. They took $4,000. However, they accidentally left $50,000.

Except that, Police also announced the suspects had left behind a tailgate from their car in the bungled raid.

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