Broker News Eliminates Overnight Fees on Non-leveraged Crypto and Stock CFDs

On Monday, 8th July 2024, announced the termination of overnight funding fees on non-leveraged cryptocurrency and stock CFDs, a change that benefits traders with more than a single entry position. Overnight Fees Scrap on Non-Leveraged Cryptocurrency and Stock CFDs

The move occurs as notices a shift in retail traders’ conduct towards extended investment durations, especially in crypto and stock markets. According to the entity’s data, 89% of Q2 2024 non-leveraged overnight positions were in cryptocurrencies and stocks, while only 28% were in commodities.’s Chief Product Officer Dana Massey says the company’s data indicates that retail traders are moving beyond single-day trading to examine various trading styles, including long-term trading in popular crypto and stocks. The company’s decision supports retail traders in this move.


Further, the entity’s data discloses that overnight stock position holders maintain the positions for up to 7 days and an average of 4 days for crypto traders. On the other hand, maintains commodities and indices positions for up to 3 days.


According to Massey, traders can now explore long-term investment strategies with 0% overnight funding on crucial markets like cryptocurrencies and shares without worrying about the extra cost.


The new policy applies to overnight funding on 1:1 leverage contracts for differences trades for crypto and share markets. It doesn’t affect trade on other markets or with other leverage ratios., whose client trading volumes exceeded $1 trillion in 2023, continuously adapts its offerings to satisfy the fluctuating demands of retail traders. The July partnership with TradeView is among the mentioned changes. TradingView is a famous charting platform allowing traders access to more developed charts. Personnel Changes has lately been involved in the job market, introducing updates for new products. Patricia Lyn posted on LinkedIn last week about her appointment to head the company’s global programmatic. She has served as a Programmatic Solution Consultant at Amazon Ads for two years.


Also, Tarek Mahassen joined the broker earlier this month as the MENA region’s new Head of Risk. The action completes two years at Revolut, where he served as the Group Senior Operational Risk Manager. Before that, Tarek conducted business risk management at a renowned fintech company in London.


Another crucial development in June was Campbell MacPherson’s announcement that he is the new Chief Executive Officer of’s operations in Australia. Before that, he was the Regional Director of Sales at FactSet, where he oversaw the company’s reach expansion across multiple asset classes in the Pacific area.

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