Saturday, May 26, 2018
Today is the Bitcoin-pizza day. In May 2010, the programmer Laslo Heinitz purchased two pizzas for ₿10,000. What can you buy with this money today?
Nobel laureate in economics Robert Schiller said that cryptocurrencies might fail in their mission to convert money, and that they are not the first attempt to change the existing format of money and that all previous attempts ended in complete failure.
Due to the lack of fundamental economic factors in the formation of the value of the cryptocurrency, the bitcoin price will fall to zero with a high probability. This is the opinion of the leading economist of Vanguard Joe Davis.
Great Britain can surely be named as a pioneer in the crypto world, and so it is with this case also, because it has been announced that the first cryptocurrency platform in Britain has been launched.
In this bitcoin price analysis, there are few new things to take in consideration if you want to invest in bitcoin and ethereum. For traders actively trading bitcoins inside the day and in the medium term, the main intrigue of the previous week was the downward trend line on the four-hour chart.
The world-famous entrepreneur and advisor of Ethereum Foundation William Mougayar stated that financial regulators all over the world and this primarily applies to the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), lacks a fundamental understanding of cryptocurrencies.
Fundstrat Global Advisors analyst Thomas Lee admitted his mistake about the forecast of the likely increase in the price of bitcoin during this week's conference Consensus 2018, calling the reasons for which it did not happen.
International financial broker RoboForex opened the possibility of buying bitcoin for fiat money. The new option will allow RoboForex customers to buy bitcoin, perform trading operations using this asset, and also reverse the conversion of cryptocurrency into fiat funds.
The mobile application for cryptocurrency trading, Bison powered by Germany's second-largest stock exchange Stuttgart Börse, and the Finnish start-up Sowa Labs is using an analytical tool based on artificial intelligence called Cryptoradar to determine market sentiment.
The crypto smartphone Exodus was just announced as a big news from HTC. After Huawei, HTC also decided to enter the cryptocurrency market, integrating digital assets and products supporting their distribution into their own smartphones.
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