Friday, October 12, 2018
In an interview with The Street, venture investor Tim Draper confirmed his forecast, according to which bitcoin will reach $250 thousand dollars by 2022.
According to analyst CoinDesk Omkar Godbole, bears can soon push the price of bitcoin to a level below $6,000, therefore continuing the downfall trend.
Venture investor Tim Draper thinks that the current downturn in the market will not affect the long-term prospects of the currency. He also has an opinion that the crypto capitalization will reach $80 trillion within the next 15 years. Speaking at the Singapore venture investors' summit, Draper noted that the current...
According to CoinDesk analyst Sebastian Sinclair, to start the phase of steady growth in the bitcoin price, it must break through the $8,500 mark.
Last week's bitcoin rate trend was expected to be corrected. The $7,400 level was so good that many active speculators began to sell it.
Coinbase is exploring the possibility of launching a Bitcoin-oriented exchange-traded fund and is consulting with BlackRock for this purpose.
YouGov has published the results of a study according to which 50% of millennials consider bitcoin as the main means of payment.
Bitcoin price made a very downward move with its movement in the direction of the $6,000 mark, therefore stating its bearish attitude.
Bill Barhydt, said that the SEC had not yet approved the bitcoin-ETF because the initiators of the launch of these funds "do not meet the expectations".
Bitcoin Core developer and Stellar technical consultant Jeremy Rubin published an article that questioned the future of Ethereum.
The week-long indicator of bitcoin volatility has reached its minimum annual values ​​and was only at the mark of 8.88%, which is surprising.
Bitcoin achieved the goals, which were announced three weeks earlier, the positive price jump from $6,000 to the $7,200 price mark.
Launching ETH futures can not only lead to a decrease in its' price but also can positively affect the prospects of its main competitor, Bitcoin.
Satis Group, an ICO consulting company, has published the results of its own research, according to which BTC price in five years will reach $96,000.
In March 2014, Silk Road distributed 111,114.61 BTC (about $767,35 million) on dozens of other addresses, mostly in batches of 100 BTC.
Fears of financial regulators such as SEC regarding crypto frauds are completely justified, according to crypto analyst Paul Vigna.
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