Friday, October 12, 2018
Launching ETH futures can not only lead to a decrease in its' price but also can positively affect the prospects of its main competitor, Bitcoin.
Elon Musk has received an offer from developer Adam McMurchey for any information about the Big Falcon Rocket or the demonstration of the device itself.
For the current situation in the cryptocurrency market, the current week has become symbolic and meaningful in many ways. Why?
As expected, the past week BTC price analysis showed positive signs and a slight upward trend for the first cryptocurrency at the moment.
Many members of the blockchain community had second thoughts and questioned the sufficient decentralization of the Ripple protocol.
This week's altcoin prices analysis brings us some fresh news about their price movement on the crypto market and predictions about their movements.
The past week passed in a bearish trend, however, closer to the weekend, the bulls have overtaken, and the price moved to in the range of $6,600- $6,200.
Only 40% of the top 100 members in the capitalization of cryptocurrency projects have legitimate business cards or work products. To this conclusion came the authors of a study conducted by the portal Invest in Blockchain. The purpose of the study was to determine which of the digital currencies have "real...
The indicator of the market capitalization of cryptocurrencies has shown downfall signs with the fact that it has fallen below $200 billion.
Bitcoin price has a huge bearish influence in The past week. Bulls at one stroke lost half of their success, and their storm has passed.
Looking at the altcoins dynamics in the past few weeks, we can state the continuation of the development of a corrective "outset" for the main instruments.
On Wednesday, August 1st, the price of bitcoin continued the strong bearish price decline and fell below the mark of $7,500.
Vitalik Buterin is not so happy with bitcoin-ETF and the strong media attention and stressed that too much attention is focused on this topic.
BTC price has made huge bullish moves on the market, climbing for another $1,000 and with that, passing the important level of $8,000.
More fresh news coming up from this weeks' altcoin prices analysis regarding their price movements and trends which are looking bullish.
July 17th, Bitcoin price confidently passed the $7,000 psychological mark and justified the positive rumors about its bullish price predictions.
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