Tuesday, August 14, 2018
BTC price has made huge bullish moves on the market, climbing for another $1,000 and with that, passing the important level of $8,000.
More fresh news coming up from this weeks' altcoin prices analysis regarding their price movements and trends which are looking bullish.
July 17th, Bitcoin price confidently passed the $7,000 psychological mark and justified the positive rumors about its bullish price predictions.
Bitcoin price surely has made some interesting movements in the last period full with bullish and bearish trends mixed up.
This weeks' altcoins prices analysis has shown us some rather interesting, but still expected trends about the price movements so far.
Ethereum mining and Google co-founder Sergey Brin, apparently have a connection since Brin admitted that he mining Ethereum along with his ten-year-old son.
Bitcoin growth is certainly present, but still, it is not convincing as it should be. These impressions were gathered from this week bitcoin price analysis.
Bitcoin Core developer Jameson Lopp launched an open source repository, which collected documented cases of physical violence against bitcoin owners.
Centralized exchanges are not in the best favor of the Ethereum founder Vitalik Buterin as he made a statement about the crypto industry and some problems.
This week altcoin prices analysis brings good news and shows positive signs of improvements and recovery, and an upward dynamics.
Another week goes by, and another BTC price analysis that shows the turbulent nature of the leading cryptocurrency and its' price movements.
Centralized crypto exchange NASDAQ DX Exchange, announced that the number of registered users exceeded 500,000 before its official opening.
This week's altcoin price analysis is an indicator that altcoins are pretty much under pressure at the moment regarding growth expectations.
As expected, last week did not bring positive to the bulls - bitcoin price fell to the values of November last year, and this analysis proves that.
Bitcoin volatility degree is lower than other cryptocurrencies, according to The American Institute for Economic Research (AIER).
Last week BTC price analysis was in favor of the bears. The weekly candle has a bearish body, which deprives any optimism of bulls.
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