Wednesday, August 15, 2018
Robinhood, the cryptocurrency app, has made an announcement about the launch of support for two new cryptocurrencies: Litecoin and Bitcoin Cash.
This weeks' altcoins prices analysis has shown us some rather interesting, but still expected trends about the price movements so far.
This week altcoin prices analysis brings good news and shows positive signs of improvements and recovery, and an upward dynamics.
The Wirex payment service is adding support for the XRP wallet. This news just came in today and made the crypto society go ecstatic.
Centralized crypto exchange NASDAQ DX Exchange, announced that the number of registered users exceeded 500,000 before its official opening.
This week's altcoin price analysis is an indicator that altcoins are pretty much under pressure at the moment regarding growth expectations.
Bitcoin volatility degree is lower than other cryptocurrencies, according to The American Institute for Economic Research (AIER).
The American bitcoin-exchange itBit announced the support of four new cryptocurrencies, which will now operate in the state of New York.
Over the last week, the crypto market capitalization has decreased by approximately 20% - from 350 to 279 billion US dollars.
Against the background of aggravation of economic tension due to trade wars between the US and the rest of the world, the cryptocurrency market continues to increase its capitalization.
The release of Litecoin Core version 0.16.0 was held on May 31, 2018, which representatives of the Litecoin team reported on the official Twitter-page of the project.
The American instant booking platform TapJets has added Litecoin as a payment option. This is another huge step for Litecoin regarding its worldwide usage and versatility.
This altcoin prices analysis brings a lot of fresh news and buzz. On Monday, May 28th, the trading volume in the ETH / BTC pair sharply increased at the Bitfinex exchange.
The British fintech startup Revolut has added to its mobile application the support of the digital currencies Ripple and Bitcoin Cash.
Great Britain can surely be named as a pioneer in the crypto world, and so it is with this case also, because it has been announced that the first cryptocurrency platform in Britain has been launched.
The mobile application for cryptocurrency trading, Bison powered by Germany's second-largest stock exchange Stuttgart Börse, and the Finnish start-up Sowa Labs is using an analytical tool based on artificial intelligence called Cryptoradar to determine market sentiment.
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