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Cryptocurrencies this week: Updates on major players

The world of cryptocurrencies, particularly Ethereum (ETH), is witnessing significant movements and developments that could impact its price trajectory. Here’s an overview of recent events and their potential impact on Ethereum’s price:   Ethereum Whale

Cryptocurrency news

Musk’s Neuralink Implanted a Chip in The Human Brain

In a groundbreaking move that could redefine the future of neuroscience and human-computer interaction, Elon Musk’s Neuralink has successfully implanted a chip into the human brain. Consequently, this technological feat marks a significant milestone in

Cardano news now: founder pessimistic about crypto
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Crypto 2024: Wealth Surge and Regulatory Shifts

At A Glance Bitcoin’s anticipated halving event in April 2024 propels predictions, with Scott Melker suggesting a potential rise to $240,000​. The SEC charges Brian Sewell for a $1,200,000 fraud scheme targeting crypto course students​.

Mining bitcoin might get easier following the crypto crackdown in China
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Bitcoin’s Surge to $45K: Miners Hold Fast, Whales Dive Deep

At A Glance Bitcoin approaches a four-week high, nearing $45,000, signalling a strong market rebound. Reduced selling pressure from miners and increased interest from large-scale investors contributed to the surge. The crypto market cap exceeds

Crypto Ledger decides to make staff cuts
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BTC and ETH Meteoric Rise Ignites the Crypto Renaissance

Key Points Bitcoin nears $47,000, indicating bullish sentiment. Ethereum eyes 50% rally to $3,500, driven by Dencun upgrade. Crypto market shows strong growth; Bitcoin crosses $44,000, altcoins gain. BlackRock’s IBIT Bitcoin ETF ranks top 5

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A Pivotal Month for Crypto with Altcoin Updates

The recent events in the cryptocurrency market highlight the dynamic and rapidly changing nature of this digital financial landscape. The Solana blockchain experienced a five-hour outage, testing the resilience of even the most robust platforms

Coinbase’s new crypto lending platform could cause change
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The Surge in Tether’s Popularity

In recent years, Tether, a cryptocurrency known for its stability and close peg to the US dollar, has seen a surge in popularity. However, concerns have emerged with its growth regarding its potential use in

Bitcoin profit unlikely as price drops below $27,000
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Bitcoin and Ethereum Dip: A Snapshot of Crypto Volatility

In the ever-fluctuating world of cryptocurrencies, the latest market update reveals a marginal decline in two prominent digital assets. Bitcoin, the flagship cryptocurrency, fell by 1.32 per cent to a valuation of 39,244 euros. Simultaneously,