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Bitcoin profit unlikely as price drops below $27,000
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Bitcoin Profit Unlikely as Price Drops Below $27,000

Recent moves in the US economy are likely pushing BTC lower, making any Bitcoin profit unlikely. The dollar has recently strengthened as the Fed decided to skip a rate hike but still keep rates high.

Hungary confiscates $1 million for tax on crypto
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Hungary Confiscates $1 Million for Tax on Crypto

Hungarian authorities have identified the illegal use of cryptocurrencies in their country. Specifically, they have noticed its use for tax evasion purposes. This is quite illegal as the country does set a tax on crypto.

Crypto regulator in the SEC warns of more charges soon
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Crypto Regulator in The SEC Warns of More Charges Soon

As we have seen over the last few months, crypto exchanges are under close scrutiny everywhere. The Chief for crypto enforcement at the SEC has warned that they will prosecute more exchanges soon. The regulator

The regulators in New York downgrade Dogecoin and Ripple lately
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The NY Regulators Downgrade Dogecoin and Ripple

The regulators in the Department of Financial Services (DFS) in New York have recently been reviewing their crypto policies. They concluded that they needed to update some of their rulings. This has meant creating new

Crypto firm Zodia begins working in Singapore
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Crypto Firm Zodia Begins Working in Singapore

Zodia Custody has recently made moves to launch its platform in Singapore. They also are owned by banks, as well as being partnered with them. The company helps people store their crypto off of crypto