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Shiba Inu burnt 2.60 Billion in seven daysShiba Inu burnt 2.60 Billion in seven days
Cryptocurrency news

Shiba Inu Burnt 2.60 Billion in Seven Days

A whopping sum of 2,604,802,620 (2.60B) SHIB tokens have been taken out of circulation permanently within the last seven days and 297,703,474 (297.70M) in the past 24 hours. recently reported 191 transactions towards the

Russia will accept BTC for oil and gas
Cryptocurrency news

Russia will accept BTC for oil and gas

The Russian Federation’s energy chief Pavel Zavalny has sailed the possibility of acknowledging Bitcoin as payment for its oil and gas from “friendly countries” like China and Turkey. He expressed that those countries could start

Ukrainian coders in the middle of cyber-warfare
Cryptocurrency news

Ukrainian Coders in The Middle of Cyber-Warfare

Over 311,000 people have entered a group called “IT Army of Ukraine” on the social media platform Telegram, where Russian targets are shared. While not all of them are from Ukraine, a substantial number of sponsoring 2022 FIFA World cup
Cryptocurrency news sponsoring 2022 FIFA World cup

An international governing body for many major soccer tournaments, FIFA has revealed that cryptocurrency exchange will be an official sponsor of its successive World Cup in Qatar. In a Wednesday announcement, the association stated

Bitcoin about to counter new milestone
Bitcoin news

Bitcoin about to counter new milestone

A Bloomberg analyst has argued that Bitcoin “may be primed” for a quantum jump in its development thanks to inflation this year. In a tweet on March 17, Mike McGlone, senior commodity strategist at Bloomberg

Ukraine starts with a crypto website
Cryptocurrency news

Ukraine Launches A Crypto Website

Crypto exchanges FTX and Kuna and staking platform Everstake have partnered with Ukrainian government officials. Together, they established a donation website for users desiring to send crypto to help the country and its people. In

Cryptocurrency news

Binance Supports Theta Network

Oil prices skyrocketed after Russia invaded Ukraine; it hit its highest levels after 2008; however, it has pulled back a bit this week, wishing that some producing countries may act to improve supply. However, worries

bitcoin, Puerto Rico-based Arival Bank Integrates Crypto Exchanges
Cryptocurrency news

War Is Testing Crypto Neutrality

The full significance of cryptocurrencies like bitcoin was neutrality. The fact that no government, bank, or entity could stop you from using it, whether you were paying for a pizza, a forbidden book, or a

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