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Ethereum Could Overthrow Bitcoin Within Five Years


Bitcoin (BTC) investors are preparing for a controversial rival. Blockchain and analytics platform Blockchair claims there’s an altcoin coming for the top crypto crown within the next five years.   The firm’s lead developer, Nikita Zhavoronkov, claimed that th... More »


Ethereum Meets Mixed Reviews – Which Way Will it Go?


Ethereum’s in quite the predicament: it’s only half the week, but the crypto coin has still met astounding volatility. In fact, it moved to the $230 region for the past three days and is on track to $300.   In fact, the coin met resistance at around $255 by th... More »


Ethereum Could Launch its Second Version in July


If the highly anticipated Ethereum (ETH) upgrade won’t go through blockades of further delays, it could launch as soon as July 2020. The developer firm, BitMEX, research could push the crypto up from proof-of-work to proof-of-stake consensus. This means that i... More »


Ethereum Might Skyrocket 80% by May


Aggregated cryptocurrency markets have surged alongside Ethereum (ETH) today, catching upward tailwinds made Bitcoin (BTC) boost to highs of $8,800. The rally consequently pushed ETH to the $150 region to outperform BTC and a group of other major altcoins. Eth... More »

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