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Exotic Currency Pairs - How to Trade Them
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Exploring the Mechanics of Currency Pairs

Key Points EUR/USD Movement: Recently above 1.0800, influenced by U.S. dollar weakness and Treasury yield changes; GBP/USD Update: Exceeds 1.2550, with market focus on potential Bank of England rate cuts; USD/CAD Dynamics: Shows minimal change

Single stock futures remain steady before Fed meeting
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USD/JPY Outlook: 152 Support and Bullish Sentiment

Quick Overview Bullish Trend Persists: Despite occasional interventions, USD/JPY remains firmly bullish with expectations of rising beyond current levels. Key Support at 152 Yen: The 152 yen level is a significant support, reinforced by the

The dollar stays within 6-month declines
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Euro-Dollar Dynamics: Strategic Currency Maneuvers

Quick Overview Traders Anticipate Lows: Many are building short positions on EUR/USD, preparing for potential lows near last year’s $0.9535 Bank of America’s Forecast: Only a 10% chance of the euro hitting $1.00 in the

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Market Turmoil and Safe Havens: An In-Depth Guide

At a Glance Geopolitical Tensions Drive Safe-Haven Assets: Israeli strikes in Iran prompt investors to favour stable investments like gold, reflecting heightened market uncertainty Stocks and Currency React: U.S. stock indices and currency pairs fluctuate,

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Postponed Gold Auction: Shifting Dynamics in Vietnam

Quick Look Auction Postponed: Vietnam’s auction of 17,000 taels of gold was delayed due to a lack of participant registration; Gold Price Surge: Local gold prices soared to approximately $4,428 per tael, a 15% increase

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April 2024: Key Currency Movements & Economic Shifts

Quick Look: EUR/USD fell below 1.0635, setting new lows since last November; USD/JPY reached its highest level since 1990, showing strong dollar demand; GBP/USD is under pressure, possibly dropping to 1.2325; Fed’s rate hikes total

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February’s 7.7% Jump in Japan’s Machinery Orders

Quick Look: February saw core machinery orders jump 7.7%, surpassing expectations. Year-on-year capital spending fell by 1.8%, but less than forecasted. Bank of Japan ends negative interest rates, boosting economic outlook. Wages are rising, potentially