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Stock News

European Stocks Climbed, FTSE 100 Index Led 0.88%

On Friday, July 30, European stocks climbed led by the FTSE 100 Index by 0.88% while Asia Pacific stocks crashed. The pan-European STOXX 600 gained 0.46% or 2.14 points to $463.84 per share. The same

asia stocks
Stock News

Asia Stocks Up as CSRC Talked with Banks to Calm Worries

On Thursday, July 29, Asia stocks climbed after the China Securities Regulatory Commission (CSRC) initiated a meeting with top global investment banks to calm financial worries. In the Tokyo Stock Exchange, the broader TOPIX Index

World Stocks
Stock News

World Stocks Remained High, MSCI Global Index up 1.03%

On Thursday, July 22, world stocks remained high as the stock market in the United States, Europe, and Asia held firm on their strengths after yesterday’s bounce from week-lows. The MSCI Global Index increased 1.03%,

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