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Klaviyo’s stock shifts up, aiding founders
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Klaviyo Stock Shifts Up, Aiding Founders

Klaviyo’s stock has recently managed to jump by 23.0% as it debuted with its IPO on the market. So the Klaviyo pricing, by which we mean net worth, was originally worth $9.5 billion, now managing

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Cisco Stocks Fall Ahead of Splunk Acquisition

On Thursday, Cisco finalized its largest acquisition, buying US cybersecurity software company Splunk in a $28 billion cash deal. Cisco’s stock lost 3.89% to $53.34 per share on September 21. However, industry watchers predict it

Fed’s decision to maintain interest rates drops single stock futures
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Fed’s Hold on Rates Impacts Single-Stock Futures

Single-stock futures have been mostly trading sideways with a slight dip. This move followed the Fed’s decision this Wednesday to not touch interest rates. When looking at several indices, you can see the impact as

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Pinterest Shares Rise After Rating Upgrade from Citi

On Wednesday, Citi boosted Pinterest from hold to buy after the discovery platform’s successful 2023 Investor Day. Its stock price improved by 3.05% to $27.01 apiece on September 20. Moreover, analyst consensus predicts an additional

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Nio Shares Sink Despite Teasing First Car-Centric Phone

On Wednesday, Nio stocks took a nosedive despite unveiling details of its upcoming car-centric phone with flagship specs. Its price per share plummeted by 17.07% to $8.55 on September 20. However, market watchers anticipate a

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Nikola Stocks Soar After Appointing General Motors Veteran

On Tuesday, Nikola shares skyrocketed ahead of former General Motors (GM) visionary’s appointment as chief operating officer (COO). Its stock price gained 36.61% to $1.59 per share on September 19. Furthermore, market analysts predict an