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Regeneron Pharmaceuticals Reported Strong Q4 Earnings

On Friday, Regeneron Pharmaceuticals reported a better-than-expected Q4 as sales for their new disease-treating drug, Dupixent, rose. Its stock price increased by 4.25% to $783.13 per share. Also, it is anticipated to hike by 0.07%

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AMD Stocks Rose amid Strong Q4 2022 Earnings Results

On Tuesday, AMD unveiled a strong financial report for the fourth quarter of 2022, pushing its stocks higher. These gains are expected to improve in the second half, motivating investors who saw it rising against

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Chevron Unveils Weak Q4 Data, Announces $75B Stock Buyback

On Friday, Chevron reported weak fourth-quarter 2022 financial results and announced a $75.00 billion share buyback program. The energy giant’s stock price plummeted by 4.44% to $179.45 apiece on January 27. Yet, it is anticipated

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Tesla Unveils Q4 2022 Data, Confirms Cybertruck Production

Tesla’s stocks could rally on Thursday after it unveiled mixed fourth-quarter earnings data and confirmed the production of its cybertruck. The electric vehicle (EV) maker ended Wednesday’s session by gaining 0.38% to $144.43 per share.