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European Stocks Rise as Evergrande Woes Ease

On Friday, European stocks traded higher as concerns about the possible default of embattled China Evergrande eased.  On Thursday, reports revealed that the highly indebted property giant already had settled an interest on a US

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Netflix Stocks Wavered Despite Solid Third-Quarter Report

On Wednesday, stocks of Netflix Inc. wavered in the after-hours trading after it reported solid third-quarter 2021 earnings.  The internet television network lost 1.33% or 8.50 points to $630.50 per share.  Additionally, it opposed its

ericsson company
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Ericsson Stocks Fell Despite its Upbeat 3Q Core Earnings

On Tuesday, stocks of Swedish telecom equipment maker Ericsson plummeted after it posted upbeat third-quarter core earnings.  Accordingly, the networking company plunged 3.33% or 0.39 points to $11.91 per share. Then, it reversed its yesterday

S&P 500
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S&P 500 Bounces Up as Tech Stocks Rally on Economic Optimism

On Thursday, the S&P 500 supplemented modest gains, led by strength in tech stocks, as investors became optimistic on economic recovery.  Accordingly, market sentiment improved after the Federal Reserve signaled that the asset tapering could

European Stock
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European Stocks Subdued as Inflation Jitters Persisted

On Wednesday, most European stocks extended their plunge as concerns about inflation climbed amid the soaring energy prices.  Subsequently, the benchmark pan-European STOXX 600 lost 0.02% or 0.09 points to $457.12 per share. The index

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