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Starbucks New CEO Takes Over Early

On Monday, Starbucks announced a new chief executive officer who will join its board of directors two weeks sooner. Its stock price increased by 1.17% to $99.85 per share on March 20. However, it is

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Disney Subscribers Stayed Despite Price Increase

On Friday, Disney rose amid subscribers staying with the streaming service despite an imposed increase in December. Its stock price decreased by -1.16% to $93.20 per share on March 17. However, it is expected to

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FedEx Unveils Mixed Q3 Results, Revenue Drops

On Thursday, FedEx reported its mixed third-quarter financial data with weaker revenue as it combats lower demand with sharp cost cuts. Its stock price improved by 4.48% to $204.05 per share on March 16. Likewise,

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Five Below Announced Robust Q4 Financial Results

On Wednesday, Five Below reported its fourth-quarter financial results for the fiscal year 2022, which ended January 28, 2023. Its stock price increased by 0.17% to $198.17 per share on March 15. However, it is

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Smartsheet Reports Mixed Q4 Results, Revenue Weakens

On Tuesday, Smartsheet unveiled its financial results for the fourth quarter, showing its revenue declining compared to 2022’s income. Its stock price dropped by -3.57% to $38.32 per share on March 14. However, it is

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Ulta Beauty Posts Strong Q4 Holiday Results

On Thursday, Ulta Beauty unveiled robust fourth-quarter holiday results as shoppers include makeup and wellness products in their budgets. Its stock price went down by -0.80% to $519.93 per share. Likewise, it is anticipated to