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Tesla Shares Surge Amid Dojo Supercomputer Optimism

On Tuesday, Tesla stocks soared after an optimistic Morgan Stanley about the automaker’s Dojo supercomputer. Its price per share jumped by 10.09% to $273.58 on September 12. Likewise, market watchers anticipate it to reach up

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Apple Stocks Rebound Amid Upcoming iPhone 15 Launch

On Tuesday, Apple (AAPL) will release the iPhone 15, leading it to open higher despite a disastrous previous session. Its stock price rose by 0.35% to $178.18 per share on September 11. Moreover, market analysts

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Rivian to Gain from Lower Battery Material Prices

On Thursday, experts reported that Rivian Automotive will benefit from a significant battery materials price decline. Its stock price rose by 0.69% to $23.42 per share on September 07. Likewise, it is expected to go

The reason why tesla stock is down may be Munich
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The Reason Why Tesla Stock Is Down May Be Munich

This last Wednesday saw Tesla stock drop once again. The most plausible and obvious reason why Tesla stock is down would be the market. However, there is another possible cause, that being Munich. More specifically,

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GameStop Q2 Results Beat Market Estimates

On Wednesday, GameStop released its second-quarter financial results, surpassing Wall Street quarterly income forecasts. Its stock price declined by -2.50% to $18.75 per share on September 06. However, it is anticipated to go up by

Stock market rally for Evergrande
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Stock Market Rally for Evergrande

A stock market rally for Evergrande has managed to cause a fantastic jump in its value by as much as 82%. This jump was temporary, but it was still at a 70% gain overall by