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Credit Counseling: What You Need to Know

Credit counseling is usually offered by non-profit organizations with qualified counselors who are trained and certified to handle different financial areas such as consumer credit, money and debt management, and creating budget plans. Knowledgeable counselors

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Low Risk VS High Risk Investments

When it comes to investing, risk and returns are closely connected. Usually, higher returns are linked to higher risks. On the other hand, lower rewards come with lower risks. In that case, you should know

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Learn About Dollar-Cost Averaging

Investing is known to be a challenging process. Even the most experienced investors sometimes need help to time the market to buy at the best moments correctly. Dollar-cost averaging is an investing approach that can

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Long-Term Savings Account: Choosing the Best One

A long-term savings account is essential for setting aside funds for major expenses such as educational expenditures, house purchases, retirement, or medical emergencies. This type of savings account can be set aside to pay for

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Understanding Net Income

A net income is the funds an individual or company earns after subtracting expenses, allowances, and taxes. In commerce, net income refers to what a business or firm has left after expenditures, such as salary

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Budget Deficit: What it is and How it Affects You

A budget deficit is a financial phenomenon where the expenses surpass the revenue amount. It is usually applied to government budgets and is primarily used in referring to government spending and receipts instead of businesses.

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Learn About Zero-Based Budgeting

Using the zero-based budgeting (ZBB) method, you could plan your expenses by computing your monthly income and assigning specific amounts to your listed budget categories until you reach zero. It aims for you to learn