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Day Trading and Swing Trading in the Currency Market
Beginner Level Trading

Top 5 Tips for Beginner Investors

Everybody wants to succeed. The competition is high in many areas. However, the people we associate with a particular activity have become successful because they have done something that others have spent less time and

blue ocean strategy
Advanced Level Trading

Understanding of Blue Ocean

Blue ocean strategy is a business plan created in 2005 to describe a market with no competition or very little competition. INSEAD business school professors Chan Kim and Renee Mauborgne developed this business plan. The professors divide the

Understanding Porter's Five Forces
Beginner Level Trading

Understanding Porter’s Five Forces

What are Porter’s Five Forces? Porter’s five forces of competitive position analysis were introduced in 1979 by Michael Porter. The model became public in Michael Porter’s book and soon became popular among investors. This theory

What are operating margins, why are they important?
Advanced Level Trading

What are Operating Margins, Why are They Important?

What is an Operating Margin?   Operating margin can give investors significant information about the value and profitability of a firm. More specifically, it tracks how much profit a firm makes on a dollar of

Understanding of Diversification. How does it work?
Beginner Level Trading

Understanding of Diversification. How Does It Work?

Diversification is a risk management strategy of allocating portfolio resources or capital to a mix of different investments. Rather than putting money in a single firm, industry, sector, or asset class, investors diversify their investments

What are bonds, how do they work?
Beginner Level Trading

What Are Bonds, how Do They Work?

A bond is simply a loan made by an investor to a borrower such as a company or government. A bond could be conceived of as an IOU between the lender and borrower that includes

Difference between Low-Risk vs. High-Risk investments
Experienced Level Trading

Difference between Low-Risk vs. High-Risk investments

We all know that all investments involve some degree of risk, and risk is a fundamental part of any investment. Moreover, none of the investment is meaningful without it. The amount of risk you take

Experienced Level Trading

Understanding of Volume Weighted Average Price (VWAP)

Volume weighted average price or VWAP is a widely used benchmark that tells us the average stock price weighted by the total trading volume. Notably, this measure helps investors and analysts evaluate the current price

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