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What It Means to Invest in Growth and Value Stocks

Stocks are classified under one of two categories: growth or value. While that is the case, many stocks demonstrate having both worlds. In an ideal investment portfolio, you should see a mix of value and

How Much Leverage Should You Use?
Trading Education

How Much Leverage Should You Use?

Leverage is a strange topic to discuss in the trading world since it’s both over-feared and overused. On the one hand, you have people who say you should never use leverage. On the other, people

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Beginner Level Trading

When Should You Terminate a Trading Position?

When taking their first trading steps, most traders open a demo account and trade on a test platform. And during the first few days, their balance is somewhat likely to go up. Perhaps that gives

29Metals plans to raise US 471 million in IPO
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Learning the Ropes of Investing in IPOs

While initial public offerings (IPOs) are an attention grabber, with investors expecting substantial price increases once they go public, it’s important to know that investing in IPOs can be risky as they may provide returns

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Investing in the Greenback: A Look Into the US Dollar Index

The US dollar’s current performance has received a great deal of attention, with a few US firms citing the greenback’s strength as the reason behind their lackluster earnings results. On the other hand, economists see