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Nokia Fell in Pre-Market Session, Expects Low Outlook

On Friday, the Finnish telecommunication gear group, Nokia, declined in its pre-market session and lowered its full-year outlook. Its stock price rose by 1.64% to $4.35 per share on Thursday. However, it decreased by -9.34%

the S&P 500's biggest fallers Inc

Amazon Benefitted from Rivian Vans Deployment

On Monday, Amazon stock price rose after hours after it deployed its vans in Europe from the US electric vehicle (EV) maker, Rivian. It went down by -0.11% to $130.22 per share on July 03.

Rouble drops to its lowest

Ruble Drops to Its Lowest

By 0939 GMT, the ruble fell 2.5% versus the dollar at 70.60 after beating 70.7550 earlier. It had yielded 2.4% to trade at 75.22 versus the euro, traversing the 75 threshold for the first time

Japanese Yen is still in the spotlight. Should you buy it?  

Yen Rises to 4-Month High

While it held broad policy settings intact, pinning short-term JGB yields at -0.1% and the 10-year yield near zero, the BOJ chose to let long-term yields push 50 basis points on either side of its


Natural gas prices rose amid Europe’s high cooling demand

On August 17, natural gas prices spiked as Europe’s flaming summer triggered higher-than-normal cooling demand, exacerbating an energy crisis. At the time of writing, NGAS futures are trading higher by 1.21% to $9.442 per million


Ruble Reopens with A Decline

Market turmoil expressed by Russia’s Feb. 24 invasion of Ukraine pushed the central bank to shutter trading entirely on Friday. Since then, the U.S. and U.K. have prohibited Russian oil imports. Fitch Ratings warned that