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CauvoCapital Review: A trustworthy New Brokerage firm

CauvoCapital Review, CauvoCapital Review

General Information & First Impressions

You will discover various positive aspects of CauvoCapital after perusing the website. The license information, for instance, is easy to read and understand. The absence of a minimum initial deposit requirement is the other aspect that the broker should unquestionably address. Before opening a trading account, many traders want to understand the specific requirements and rewards.

On the majority of the most used currency pairs, the business offers leverage of roughly 1:400. This leverage is quite high and rather alluring, particularly for people who are not aware of the dangers of such high leverage. It is an opportunity to make a sizable profit.

Recently, especially among retail traders, forex trading has grown in popularity. As of August 2021, the FX traded daily volume exceeded $6 trillion, according to the Bank for International Settlements (BIS). Trading can be done at any time, from any location worldwide, because the market is open 24 hours a day. We’ll determine whether this broker is worthwhile for investors in this CauvoCapital review. We will also compare the services they provide to those provided by other well-known FX brokers.

Account Types

Even the basic language is more appealing and simple, thanks to the forex broker’s unique approach to account structuring. There are eight different sorts of brokerage accounts, or eight packages, as the company puts it, that include special services and goods offered by the company. It’s important to notice that even the smallest bundle offered has several helpful components. One can choose from the following account types:

  • Beginner
  • Basic
  • Trader
  • Premium
  • Premium Pro
  • Investor
  • Expert
  • VIP

CauvoCapital provides a forex demo account so that you can practice trading without having to risk any real money. Using virtual currency, you will trade in real-time market conditions. It merely serves as an example of how a real or live trading account operates. Thanks to this service, beginning traders can learn the basics of trading and hone their skills without taking any risks. Before trading with real money, novice traders are typically advised to practice for 4 to 6 months on a demo account. Before implementing a trading strategy on a live trading account, a trader can test it using demo accounts.

Clients of CauvoCapital can open Islamic accounts or Islamic versions of their standard accounts. Brokers typically permit traders from Muslim nations to open accounts following Islamic finance. Additionally, more paperwork is required than you would normally need to start a live account. Swap-free accounts are another name for Islamic accounts.

Trading Instruments

Trading Instruments​

Because they allow traders to engage in instruments without necessarily purchasing the real instruments, contracts-for-difference (CFDs) are becoming increasingly popular. The courses at CauvoCapital are intended to give beginning traders a stronger foundation. A trader can participate in CFD trading with reasonably low capital investment. The good news about the complete experience with CauvoCapital is that they ask for a $250 minimum deposit for this service; take note that this is done to maintain your interest in the procedure. Many Forex brokers need an initial deposit of $100 or even $50. Unfortunately, you could find this to be a bit expensive at first as a beginner, but as an experienced trader, it will help you to assess the situation’s overall quality.

CauvoCapital was previously more well-known for its ability to provide the best binary options trading platform than for its Forex platform. The most popular online trader platform is available to traders on the new FX platform.

Our CauvoCapital review states that traders can access three chart formats and more than 50 technical indicators. Users must download the MT4 app to the traders’ computers or smartphones. Like CFD trading, CauvoCapital’s FX trading is constrained by its high initial deposit requirement of $250, making it difficult for many novice traders.

CauvoCapital Review, CauvoCapital Review

CauvoCapital Forex broker is now providing bitcoin to its clients in addition to fiat money, CFDs, and commodities, like the rest of FX brokers. This implies that you can engage in cryptocurrency speculative activities by directly purchasing and selling cryptocurrencies or by using CFDs. Some of the digital currencies to investigate here include well-known cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum. You can download the app to participate in crypto trading on the CauvoCapital platform. The business’s owners guarantee cryptocurrency traders wins of between 60 and 88%, just like they do with fiat currencies. The platform remains inaccessible to US citizens, and the first deposit requirement is still $250.

Trading Platform

A proprietary trading platform is the only one available to traders at CauvoCapital, and not all traders are familiar with it, according to our company study. To allow traders to choose the platform they are most comfortable using, most brokers in the market frequently provide them with various trading platforms.

Because the broker does not provide these trading platforms, it may be difficult for traders who are accustomed to utilizing trading platforms like MT4 and MT5 to begin using its services. It may take them more time to acclimate to the new trading platform’s feel because it is a unique web-based application.

Additionally, traders who use CauvoCapital won’t have to pass up the benefits that MT4 and MT5 offer, particularly the analytical tools of the trading platforms and the Expert Advisors, which are usually utilized to ease the burden of trading.

trading platform

It should be mentioned that this brokerage appears to have a dearth of trading assets. It provides traders with assets like stocks and ETFs. This broker will be able to meet your demands and desires if you wish to trade numerous kinds of assets.

Educational Material

Along with several news sources and general analytics, the CauvoCapital Forex broker’s website also offers its members a few restricted educational resources. While not wholly educational, the tools they offer may bring a complete novice up to speed with the market and teach them the fundamentals of using the local platform. On the other hand, the website’s analytics tools tend to offer some intriguing perspectives on market trends and directions as well as responses to news and events across the globe that are relevant to the topic of foreign exchange markets. In general, the company’s performance in terms of the educational resources it offers to its customers should be improved. The page’s analytical section is its standout educational feature.

Customer Support

The actual communications section of this CauvoCapital evaluation is at this point. The brokerage provides a variety of communication bridges to its clients, which is very usual in the sector. The live chat option is the main and most well-known method of communication for its customers. Clients can obtain responses from the platform’s live chat relatively fast and effectively, and they can do so within seconds of posting a message. Unless there is a lengthy line, in which case the wait may extend a little. There are more alternatives, such as call centers and emails, which give their clients an answer swiftly and reliably. This is a positive development for a Forex brokerage that has been the target of some very unsatisfactory allegations, which we will cover in more detail in a moment.

cauvocapital contact


The FSC oversees and regulates CauvoCapital Broker. This indicates that the business is reliable, and you can relax knowing that your assets are in capable hands. The expensive initial deposit of $250 is one of the complaints you may find against the broker. Also, remember that although the brokers are fairly adamant that you begin trading, they are also aware that a simple “no” will cause them to back off. They advocate for larger deposits because doing so will increase your account’s returns and earnings. For instance, a trader who makes a $250 initial deposit and is convinced to add $200 by the account manager qualifies for far larger profits than those who are unwilling to make additional investments. We discovered in our CauvoCapital review that the broker is 100% committed to paying out traders’ winnings. Because the firm’s success is intimately correlated with your success, your interests align with the company’s.



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