Chainalysis: users have lost access to $20 billion bitcoins


Chainalysis, a New York blockchain start-up, in the study about bitcoin wallets, concluded that access to bitcoins worth $20 billion is lost forever.

According to company representatives, the main reason is the loss of private keys for access to wallets. The share of lost bitcoins exceeds similar indicators of other digital assets, which, first of all, is due to the age of the first cryptocurrency.

Senior economist Chainalysis Kimberly Grauer said that the company will not help users recover lost bitcoins. It is noteworthy that the Federal Bureau of Investigation of the USA (FBI) in the course of investigative actions was able to restore access to the cryptocurrencies in the amount of $1 billion.

Note, in Chainalysis claim that they can determine the identity of at least one participant in the deal on the blockchain of bitcoin in 80% of cases.

According to the company Wallet Recovery Services, their specialists manage to restore access to wallets in 30% of cases. According to them, everything depends on the correctness of the personal information provided by the user, on the basis of which the keys for the entry could be created.

The American hypnotist Jason Miller uses his skills to help clients remember the sideways for entering cryptocurrency wallets, but he only takes six cases a year, while receiving 0.5 BTC for his services and 5% of the digital assets in case of successful recovery.

“Usually, when they get access to lost bitcoins, customers are so happy that they send me the commission due without any problems ,” Jason Miller said.