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Custom Web Based

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Cinpax Review – For professional clients

Cinpax Review

General Information & First Impressions

Cineplex is an online brokerage that has been around for a while. It has numerous trading features that help traders conquer the markets and maintain consistent profits. Our Cinpax review will look into the company’s current state and let you decide if it’s the best choice for you.

Cinpax operates from Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, and it’s situated on Stoney Ground Road. That means it’s in quite a popular brokerage location, surrounded by its peers. That creates an exchange of knowledge as well as allowing the broker to stay close to competitors.

The company’s greatest strength is openness. It’s able to welcome various users, no matter their asset preferences or skill level. It achieves that by having numerous different assets available, with the total count coming up to over 10,000. On top of that, its accounts allow users to not worry about how much they’re depositing, as each is suited for its budget level.

Altogether, that creates quite a welcoming atmosphere and shows you that the broker is in it for the long haul. It wants to cultivate a dedicated base of users instead of earning in the short term.

But everything starts from its website. As you can see from our review, the broker aims to be accessible. That means it needed to create an accessible website that could guide users.

As you can see when you visit the broker’s site, it handily achieves that goal. The site guides you through the broker’s important features and is upfront about what you get. The navigation is also excellent, allowing you to easily find whatever it is you want to know. We’d like it if more brokers were to follow in Cinpax’s footsteps in that regard.

Fund and Account Security

Fund and Account Security

Checking safety should always be a significant step in your investigation of a new broker. Sadly, scammers are proliferating as online trading becomes more widely available. They are hoping to profit off of less experienced or overeager traders coming into the area. As such, trading in general remains dangerous despite pushes to improve regulation and safety infrastructure.

However, as we said earlier in our Cinpax review, the broker comes off as a serious company. Our gut instinct is usually right about such things since we’ve been investigating brokers for a while. But don’t be afraid; we aren’t presenting this information to you on a hunch. We did a more detailed investigation of the broker and are ready to present our findings.

And we’re glad to say that we didn’t find any of the usual red flags we look for in brokers. There are no misinformation or misleading statements that could be interpreted as the broker baiting users. The website is clear and simple to navigate, letting us know that Cinpax wants users to go in fully informed.

On top of that, the broker has been around for a while now and, as such, has a formed reputation. If we look at user accounts, there’s nothing that’s immediately concerning beyond a few user complaints. Of course, it’s entirely natural for a broker to have a few complaints, and they aren’t alarming. Overall, the broker enjoys a positive reputation, and we believe that’s indicative of trustworthiness.

As we already said earlier in our review, it has numerous great trading conditions. Now that we are confident that it’s safe, we can be sure that it’s the full package.

Account Info at

The accounts at Cinpax offer options for users with varying levels of budget preference. It’s a deposit-based system, meaning you don’t pay anything for the account. As long as you’re funding your trading, you are also contributing to moving towards a better account.

That creates an environment where it’s simple for any trader to improve the service they’re getting. It also alleviates pressure off of traders, since they don’t need to think over which account they are choosing. In our eyes, simply going with the option that seems to fit your preferred budget level is the best choice.

Further improving that choice is the fact that all the accounts on offer excellent conditions. No matter which option you go for, you’re getting a good deal. For example, even the first account has trading signals enabled, and those are usually reserved for luxury accounts.

As such, traders that are on a stricter budget (which means most new and retail traders) might find much more success with Cinpax than other brokers. We think it’s commendable that the broker created such a potent service at a low price. That’s especially because a lot of brokerages lock important conditions behind expensive accounts to bait traders into investing more.

However, that doesn’t mean that the conditions only suit beginners. Namely, as we said earlier in our Cinpax review, the broker values versatility. As such, even its high-end accounts outperform other brokers’ options at a similar price range.

Altogether, that shows that the broker is devoted to their customers, no matter their skill or experience. You can see the conditions for the accounts here:

Account Info at

Kowela Review: The Trading Accounts

  • Starter

With as low as 250 USD, trade with up to 1:400 leverage and with 0.1 minimum lot order.

Up to 1:400 Leverage

Access to Cinpax platform

Desktop & Mobile Trader

Web Trader

Education Center

Price Alerts

No Commission

  • Basic

Get access to more instruments and bigger assets with up to 10.00 lot order starting with 2,500 USD.

Up to 1:400 Leverage

10.00 Maximum Order Size

Account Manager

Customized Trading Strategy

Access to Cinpax platform

Education Center

Price Alerts

  • Advanced

Profit more with 25,000 USD using diverse portfolio and advanced market analysis.

Personal Portfolio

Exclusive Daily Market Analysis

Research Tools

ALL assets in Cinpax platform

Variable or Fixed Pricing

Education Center

Price Alerts

  • Professional

Experience more trading benefits, including personalized portfolio, with 100,000 USD capital.

Hedging Allowed

Fixed Pricing

Personal Portfolio

Exclusive Daily Market Analysis

Education Center

Price Alerts

Research Tools

  • VIP

Account protection with the lowest market price differences and personalized trading portfolio

Low Fixed Pricing

Negative Balance Protection

Hedging Allowed

Research Tools

Exclusive Daily Market Analysis

Education Center

Price Alerts

Cinpax’s Trading Platform

Cinpax’s Trading Platform

Cinpax has a top-notch platform that focuses on providing users with a fantastic web trading experience. To that end, it has numerous features that make trading both more comfortable and more profitable. If used correctly, it can significantly improve the success rate of your trades.

However, comfort is also important since it allows you to carry out prolonged trading sessions. If you’re frustrated, your trading performance drops. And since trading can be frustrating as a standalone, you really can’t afford to use a clunky or agitating platform. Cinpax’s web trader allows for a seamless and comfortable trading experience, well-suited to longer trading periods.

On top of that, it has a wide variety of trading and analysis features that make it easier to profit. It has different types of trading execution, live Market Watch, as well as one-click trading. That way, you can always swiftly react to any market movements and execute your trading tactics perfectly.


Cinpax is a modern broker that’s suitable for professionals or those that strive to become so. It has a wide range of trading tools that help you develop and execute your trading strategy. Even before you get into the platform, you get a massive boost from the account benefits and overall brokerage structure.

There’s really no other way to end our Cinpax review than to recommend you visit the broker and sign up.



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