The oil price rally of 2021 Is far from over

Crude Oil Rose amid Chinese Demand Recovery

On Monday, crude oil prices rose due to the recovery of China’s demand while underinvestment issues keep output limits in place.

Crude oil futures of April delivery improved by 0.88% to $77.22 per barrel on February 20’s Asian afternoon session. Likewise, Brent contracts progressed by 0.90% to $83.75 a barrel.

Analyst said both benchmarks went up slightly, followed by a stronger-than-expected US consumer price index and producer price index.

Moreover, China is anticipated to import a significant amount of crude oil in 2023 amid high demand for fuel due to more travel. This came after Beijing loosened the grip on its COVID-19 control.

According to analysts, the country’s volume to be purchased will rise between 500,000.00 to 1.00 million barrels per day. Also, it can reach up to 11.80 million bpd, recovering from the previous two years’ decline.

Since pandemic curbs were lifted in December, Chinese gasoline and jet fuel demand have heightened. An expert estimated a jump for these products around 50.00% and 30.00%, respectively.

Furthermore, Russia plans to cut fuel production by 500,000.00 bpd in March after price caps were imposed. The Asian nation and India became top buyers of Russian crude oil after the ban.

Meanwhile, future petroleum supply shortages could increase prices to $100.00 a barrel by the end of 2023.

US Crude Oil Exports Demand Surge in 2023

This year, US crude oil transports that were boosted will stay up due to the Russian invasion of Ukraine’s aftermath. On the other hand, Asia and Europe continue to search for supplies.

Due to sanctions on Russia’s crude oil and other products, US outputs were given an opportunity for rising demand. 

In December, the State’s exports to Europe hit almost 1.69 million bpd, the highest in at least two years. However, it lowered to 1.41 million bpd this month.

According to analysts, American shipments to India will progress after it recently delivered a high-record volume to Asia. Also, they look forward to China buying more crude oil as the nation eases coronavirus restrictions.

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