Crypto beyond BTC to watch in 2022

Bitcoin undeniably stays the most important cryptocurrency, with its capitalization conveying more than 40% of the market. Nevertheless, Bitcoin was far from the best-performing crypto of the year, as several secondary cryptocurrencies, occasionally called altcoins, topped the queen of cryptos in terms of 2021 performance despite being much newer than, in some cases, BTC.

This article highlights five cryptocurrencies other than Bitcoin to keep on your radar for the following year. Less severe coins and crypto memes from the report on solid are excluded, proven projects that may have real value while still having significant room for improvement in 2022.

Ethereum: ETH 2.0 takeoff could change everything

Its network congestion results in slow transfer times and prohibitive fees, Ethereum is hard to overlook. It is the second-largest cryptocurrency on the market, just after Bitcoin. But most importantly, Ethereum stays the preferred network for many crypto projects. Certainly, whether in DeFi or NFTs, ETH is often the platform of choice. For instance, more than 90% of NFT transactions appear on ETH.

Decentraland: The perfect crypto to bet on the metaverse

Meta Platforms, previously known as Facebook (NASDAQ: FB), established a new strategy concentrated on completing a metaverse. This shone a spotlight on several cryptocurrencies that did not pause for Mark Zuckerberg to put the concept into practice. One of the most important is definitely Decentraland, a fully functional metaverse, where one can purchase and partake in games or other online experiences.

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