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Crypto Prices Update: Bitcoin and Ether Down by 2%

The most significant cryptocurrencies are trading combined, with ether and bitcoin trading 2 % lower than before.

The global cryptocurrency market is now $1.43 trillion, a decline of 1.27 % in the preceding 24 hours.

On July 6, Bitcoin is trading at around $33,800, 2% lower than its price was yesterday. The ether cost fell by 2% in the past 24 hours, while still up over 4%.

On Tuesday, Shashi Tharoor, senior Congress leader, attacked the Centre the new Income Tax portal. He claimed that the Government failed to make it easy to use design instead of a mess.

Tharoor, the president of the Congress’ unit comprising professionals, said chartered accountants informed him that the change of Income Tax Portal had disastrous effects.

Tharoor added that it is unclear why the Government changed the income tax portal in the last month.


Previous Arrangements


Tharoor asked why there was no testing of this new portal arranged before its launch.

“The reason for a new portal is to contribute a more modern, user-friendly experience to users. However, after spending a considerable amount of money on its renovation, the Government failed to achieve the objective but succeeded in creating a mess.

Nirmala Sitharaman, Finance Minister, asked Infosys to fix the problems on priority.

In a meeting with top officials of Infosys in June, Sitharaman asked them to address all problems without losing time instead of improving their services.

Infosys officials said that they try their best to fix the technical problems. They augmented their resources for the execution of this project on the hardware.

Infosys assured the Government that their teams were working on resolving the issues for the other technical problems.

In 2019, Infosys received a contract to develop the next-generation income tax filing arrangement to reduce the processing period for returns and facilitate refunds.

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