D-Wave Launched Latest Version of its Quantum Cloud Service

D-Wave Launched Latest Version of its Quantum Cloud Service

A Canadian quantum computing company D-Wave Systems, Inc launched the latest version of its quantum cloud service. Importantly, this Canadian company from British Columbia was the first company to sell computers to exploit quantum effects in their operation. Moreover, several years ago, D-Wave supplied its 2X Quantum computer with more than 1000 qubits to NASA’s Ames Research Center.

As stated above, D-Wave launched the latest version of its quantum cloud service called Loop 2. Moreover, Leap – 2 gives developers real-time access to its hardware quantum systems. According to the company, Leap-2 was built with the feedback of thousands of developers in mind and it was a correct decision.

Thanks to the feedback of developers who used the previous generation of the service it was possible to use this experience to improve its cloud service. As a reminder, D-Wave launched the previous generation of the service 18 months ago.

Leap -2, D-Wave and new possibilities

Interestingly, at the core of Leap-2 is D-Wave’s new hybrid solver than can handle complex problems with up to 10,000 variables. Importantly, as a hybrid system, D-Wave is using both classical and quantum hardware to solve these problems.


Moreover, people should take into account that, D-Wave uses a very different kind of quantum hardware from other companies on the market. Also, quantum annealing is very important for the company.


As a result, the D-Wave is able to build machines with thousands of qubits without having to worry about the problems connected with noise. Unfortunately, this approach has one disadvantage this somewhat restricts what kind of problems customers will be able to solve with these machines.


Importantly, with Leap-2 the company from British Columbia also launched a new IDE for its hybrid system. Thanks to the new IDE, developers will receive a pre-configured tool for building the software to run on the platform.

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