Deloitte: nearly 25% of large companies are ready to invest in blockchain up to $10 million in 2019


In 2019, 23% of companies around the world will be ready to invest $5-10 million of their financial resources in blockchain technology.

This is evidenced by the data from a survey of the audit company Deloitte, conducted among 1,050 managers of firms with an annual income of at least $500 million.

The survey involved employees from companies from China, the United States, Canada, France, Germany, Mexico and the United Kingdom.

26% of respondents said that their companies intend to spend $1-5 million in DLT-based solutions. 16% of firms invest more than $10 million for these purposes; 30% of respondents believe that investments will not exceed $1 million; Only 5% of the company does not plan to spend money in the blockchain sector next year.

According to Deloitte, 59% of respondents perceive blockchain as a revolutionary technology that can improve the business processes of organizations and the economy as a whole.

Among the advantages of the block, respondents said: a higher processing speed compared to existing systems (32%), the emergence of new business models and sources of revenue (28%), increased security and data security (21%), low costs (16%). Only 2% of managers did not note any advantages of blockchain over the technologies used.

The survey showed that 7% of companies will implement distributed registry technology on their own, and 45% are ready to join the consortium.

29% of companies are already developing DLT-technology together with competitors, and 13% are thinking about creating their own consortium.

Representatives of Deloitte also analyzed the place of technology in the list of companies’ goals: for 43% of them, blockchain is included in the TOP-5 strategic priorities.