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Saint Vincent and the Grenadines




Beachmont Business Centre, 311, Kingstown St. Vincent and the Grenadines

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MetaTrader 5

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Review of

New brokerage Demaxis was founded in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, a center for brokers. Its specific address is Beachmont Business Centre, 311, Kingstown. The broker seeks to build a name for itself as a flexible company that is also robust, open and accepting of newcomers. This Demaxis review will look at the broker’s skills and successes in promoting a competitive trading environment.

Demaxis must amass a wide range of resources to complete its mission. Using CFDs is, as we all know, the fastest and most practical way to achieve this. There is little difference between non-CFD and CFD trading; however, some traders prefer it. Beyond allowing brokers to provide various trading products, CFDs have many advantages. Therefore, Demaxis’ CFD selection will eventually be highly advantageous to most traders.

Additionally, the broker offers many other terms that enhance the trading process. It has a straightforward website and is one of the few brand-new brokers that provide a sample account. It provides some advantages regarding trust and accessibility, and we’ll discuss these further in our review. Naturally, our initial impression of Demaxis was positive. Demaxis is one of the few new brokers that don’t seem to have been put together rapidly to earn money. Instead, it has created a service that prioritizes user demands and values openness. Visit to see for yourself that it feels far more competent than most of its rivals.

What you need to know about: Demaxis Regulations

As we previously indicated in our review of the firm, openness was a key component in creating Demaxis’ service. We cannot say the same about many new brokerages, which undoubtedly distinguishes Simply put, you feel you are dealing with a respectable company rather than a temporary service.

That is a fairly impressive distinction, especially considering how young the broker is. However, we need to explain why we think the broker is very safe. That is mostly down to the broker’s own confidence. In particular, brokers who allow traders to use demo accounts are far more trustworthy than those who do not. The justification is simple: a sample account allows you to comprehend a broker’s services completely. If a broker is eager to show you the quality of its offering, they are likely confident in it. This alone makes it more trustworthy than dishonest brokers who hide whatever they can get away with.

Furthermore, as we previously said in our Demaxis review, it features a straightforward website. That strengthens its standing as a trustworthy brokerage. Scammers try to confuse new traders into signing up for something they don’t comprehend. Demaxis, in contrast, makes sure that all users understand its terminology. Because of this, the broker’s atmosphere is welcoming to users, which is consistent with the site’s overall attitude. How the broker organizes its security measures significantly impacts the broker’s business identity. We are pleased when a new broker takes customer security as seriously as Demaxis does. Brokerage is among the safest new online financial institutions now accessible, in our opinion.

Demaxis Review: Opening an Account

Demaxis Review: Opening an Account

Demaxis registration is a rather simple procedure. The registration button must first be found, which is easy. Since they are widely spread around the internet, one is always available. If everything else fails, simply scroll up and click the sign-up button in the top right corner of your screen. Because the background is white with a red accent, it sticks out effectively.

When you arrive, you’ll be required to give some personal information, like your name, age, and place of residence. All Demaxis actually needs to know is that you comply with its legal duties. You obviously must be of legal age and live in the broker’s service area. The broker also has a referral program through which you may express gratitude to someone for pointing you toward

Account types

As we’ve said several times in our Demaxis review so far, the broker’s account structure begins with a demo. The good news is that thanks to it, you can now thoroughly investigate the broker’s capabilities. Based on what you observe, you’ll be able to get a specific opinion of the broker and have a precise encounter with them. Additionally, you’ll be able to gain some experience if you’re just getting started without spending any money. A demo account is the closest you can get to a real trading environment.

When you upgrade to a premium account, the broker decides to use a new tactic. Only one of the two types of accounts—of which there are only two—is intended for active traders. This guarantees a fair experience for everyone while relieving you of making deposits. Furthermore, it compels the broker to offer excellent service without seeking higher deposits. It cannot afford to hide luxury behind higher price tags since there is only one sort. As a result, even traders operating on a small budget may anticipate having a successful and transparent trading experience.

Another option is the managed account, which makes it simple to accumulate cash. It’s a fantastic option for traders who choose a hands-off approach. Of course, the broker still gives you much leverage to achieve your objectives. The following is a list of some of’s account features:

Demaxis Trading Accounts

Account types


  • Knowledge to get started
  • Free demo account
  • Step-by-step tutorials & articles
  • Online webinars & local seminars
  • Your own account manager


  • Take your first profit
  • Tight spreads
  • Superfast trade execution
  • Hi-tech forex trading tools
  • Ultimate risk protection & security


  • Choose the best portfolio
  • No need to be an experienced
  • A large number of strategies
  • Profit whenever managers earn
  • Full control of your investment

Demaxis Review: Trading Software

Demaxis runs on a platform that is specially designed to promote the broker’s core values. To that purpose, it has an intuitive user interface that is straightforward for new and unskilled traders to get used to. You don’t need to be highly technically savvy to use the platform effectively because all of its key functions are pretty evident.

However, you may access some of the platform’s more advanced capabilities if you go further. You may use news and analytical components to improve your trading performance. It supports several order types and allows for multi-chart analysis. This gives you a much better image and makes it much easier to see the data you’re using for analysis. The platform’s three main forms may all be accessed. You may use an app on an Android or iOS smartphone by downloading it. Otherwise, you may access it through a browser or by downloading a PC terminal.

Demaxis.xom Review of Assets and Trading Instruments

Demaxis.xom Review

The broker’s price is its primary operational strength. Demaxis offers a fantastic user experience, as we already said in our review. However, it would only be a full brokerage with active trading conditions.

Fortunately, Demaxis offers extremely competitive pricing that is completely visible and easy to comprehend. The spreads are modest, and there are no extra costs for deposits or withdrawals. The broker’s excellent platform ensures that you won’t experience slippage. This indicates that you will receive what you see even with larger orders. Naturally, that makes it possible for you to navigate markets with much more precision and to make more money.

With the addition of Bitcoin to traditional methods, even the fundraising strategy is new. As a result, the broker positions itself as a superb short-term tool for traders who only trade cryptocurrencies. It also makes it possible for those who would choose to do so to renounce fiat money entirely. On Demaxis, deposits and withdrawals are entirely free, as we previously said in our assessment. Naturally, that makes it possible for you to navigate markets with much more precision and to make more money.

Final Thought: Demaxis Review Conclusion

Demaxis is a superb new brokerage that ought to act as a model for its competitors going forward. It doesn’t appear like a newly established company. Instead, the broker imposes tight conditions and offers its clients top-notch support. As we mentioned at the outset of our Demaxis review, it is obvious that the broker is a professional.

There is no doubt that the broker put much effort into the safety and trading conditions because comparable competitors mostly unmatch them. Those that sign up may perceive that and will undoubtedly be pleased with the service. We recommend trying Demaxis if you’re looking for a new broker.



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